Enter the Tippitoes Stroller; small enough to fit in a family hatchback with a week of shopping; sturdy enough to feel secure pushing through a forest (trust me, we have) and cheap enough to suit most budgets. We have a full size travel system as well, but the size of the pushchair is inhibiting where the Tippitoes Stroller is lightweight and has many similar features.

Tippietoes StrollerCredit: Amazon UK

The Tippitoes Stroller is available in most parenting and baby mainstream retailers and at Amazon UK but not in the US (sorry). The one that we have is  in charcoal, but these are also available in purple. It is suitable for babies from 6 months up and features many things that you would expect in a pushchair or stroller:

  • A multi-position reclining seat back
  • Lockable swivelling front wheels
  • Collapsible (almost) one-handed
  • Complete with rain-cover (many sell this as an optional extra)

The stroller arrives completely ready to use. Unlike it's larger cousins the stroller comes ready assembled and to make the pushchair ready to use is simply a case of unclasping a retaining hook and unfolding the pushchair, ensuring the supports lock into place. Something which the Tippitoe Stroller instructions do not stress is ensuring all the supports are fully extended and locked into place; as long as the main support bar is locked down using the foot push, some of the other horizontal support bars did not fully lock out. When this happened to us but the Tippitoes Stroller itself still felt strong and secure, maybe it's just being a paranoid pedantic parent that was at fault!

Using the stroller is easy with the front wheels being unlocked for steering. One of the problems with all strollers at the budget end of the market though is that the handles are not designed to adjust with the size of the adult pushing. At 4 foot 10 inches, my wife finds the Tippitoe Stroller uncomfortable to push at times; but we know the main use of the Tippitoe will be when we are both out together with our baby and the intention was that I would do most of the pushing.

If you are looking for a larger travel system for the shorter parent, I recommend the Graco range of travel systems such as the Graco Quattro range of products. For a lightweight and easy stroller that makes life easier; the Tippitoes Stroller is the way to go.