Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor

Safety and Peace of Mind of First Time Mums and Experienced Parents

It does not matter how many children you have had; you will know the sinking feeling at night where you wake up and wonder if your little son or daughter is sound asleep and well in their cot. We shunned the expensive baby monitoring kits, complete with High-Definition CCTV; and purchased the mid-priced Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement and Sound Monitor.

We think we made the best decision ever.

Our daughter is now 6 months old and we know that if we did not have a baby monitor like the Angelcare, then we would not have known how much our little one was struggling at night; and she might not have been with us today.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement & Sound MonitorCredit: Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor is based around three specific pieces of equipment to give you the best in-cot safety device for your newborn. 

The SensorPad (pictured at the rear) fits under the mattress and picks up the movements and breathing of your baby. This is connected to the gadget pictured on the left by a lengthy but thin wire (it does unplug though). This has a number of functions within the baby's bedroom:

  • It monitors the baby's movement and sounds an alarm in two stages: a single beep when it is "concerned" and a constant beep when the alarm is fully triggered. 
  • It monitors the room temperature and will trigger a (different sounding) alarm if the temperature is outside of the programmed parameters.
  • It has a microphone monitoring sounds and is very sensitive.
  • It has a nightlight to aid your baby in sleeping or aid the parent to not tripping over
  • It has a "panic button" which can also be used as a handset locator.
The third piece of equipment is the fully rechargeable wireless baby monitor. It receives everything from the base station in the baby's bedroom and alerts you to any inconsistencies. There are a number of set-ups that the AC401 Baby Monitor can adopt to best suit your baby's age or circumstance:
  • Everything - This will give you alarms for everything that the Angelcare AC401 base station monitors; and a comfort beep each time the SensorPad registers a movement. It will also feed any sounds directly to the wireless handset.
  • Alarms - You can turn off the beeping and the remote sound feed; and set the Angelcare to alert only when there is a problem with your baby not moving, or (if you want it) the temperature of the room is wrong.
  • Alarm Only - You can set it to only alarm if your baby stops moving
The Angelcare Baby Monitor handset can change all the settings that you might need for your baby movement and sound monitor. If you want to change the temperatures to something more restrictive, or turn off the sound feed because your baby has music playing in the room - you can!

The Angelcare Baby Monitor In Action

Live Testing - and It Certainly Was Tested

Our daughter Melissa's cot is in our bedroom. This is one of the downsides of having a 1 bedroom flat but it has led to a more unique method of testing as we are able to test one of the biggest problems of the Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement & Sound Monitor; it's sensitivity.

Sound Sensor

We have found that even with the door closed, the microphone on the Angelcare AC401 is extrememly sensitive and as a result you can be outside the bedroom and it will still hear you perfectly well. This has created great joy for my wife; I work shifts and quite often talk in my sleep which can be heard when our daughter is in her cot. The problem then comes though when the weather is warm and we open a bedroom window; every dog for miles around starts to audition for the next series of Pop Idol.


On the plus side the SensorPad is not as sensitive as the microphone. With the base-station in our bedroom, there were several times when both the wife and I woke with a start as the "first stage" alarm was triggered and you could hear our daughter let out a big sigh and go back to sleep. The occasions that it has gone to the full alarm though we were there within seconds and she really was either holding her breath or struggling.

Note to parents: Baby's do sometimes hold their breath.... or at least ours does.

The alarm is loud enough and piecing enough to wake you up. I am a deep sleeper and even after the further deepness of a few beers in the evening it still roused me from my slumber. It is  quite accurate with few obviously false alarms, I would have hoped that considering the handset can be carried in a pocket or on a belt; the alarm on this was slightly louder and piercing.

Temperature Reporting

The temperature alarms can be preset from the handset or cancelled altogether. We have used the temperature readings throughout and the accuracy has been quite good compared to a second thermometer we have placed in the bedroom. 


Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement & Sound MonitorCredit: the exception of the volume on the alarm, the handset is really easy to use once you have read through the manual. There are a number of settings menus that will need navigating, but changing the settings on our Angelcare Baby Monitor have been few and far between as the factory pre-set defaults are very well defined. The rechargeable batteries have lasted and we charge it overnight when we are in the same bedroom as the cot and base station.

The handset quite helpfully allows you to have the Angelcare Baby Monitor doing its job while charging the battery at the same time. For those with more than 1 bedroom that means you can easily recharge the handset while it is switched on overnight in your own bedroom.

Conclusion: I Would Buy Again

I looked at some of the basic apnea-alarms without the separate handset, I looked at apnea alarms with high-definition CCTV camera's and I had the pleasure of 5 weeks in a hospital with an apnea alarm that could wake up an entire neo-natal ward of babies. An over sensitive alarm in our case is probably because our daughter is still quite small (9lb at 6 months old), but it did pick up the fact she struggled with breathing and we now use plug-in decongestants as a result.

The Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor as available at in the US and at in the UK; and if I did it all over again, I would be buying exactly the same.