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Caslte Clash is Fun

This is a positive review.  I'll say it right at the beginning because there is absolutely no denying how well put together this game/phone app is.  I have played Castle Clash for a year.  I am still actively engaged in the strategy and character building that the game provides. I have found it fun to play during any downtime.  I play it while waiting in line, commercial break, or when I am in the bathroom.   It has surpassed all my expectations.

Castle Clash is a strategy app game that incorporates building, placing and upgrading various structures that can collect resources, defend your structures and recruit your army.  It also combines some character creation through various and powerful heroes.  The game lets you challenge solo maps where you can fight through other fortresses for more resources and experience.  It also allows you to battle others that are playing the game.  This aspect of the game is where you begin to learn the different strategies need to compete against you human foes.  There are also other parts of the game that keep it interesting and fun.  Other types of battles and structures make sure that you will never get bored.

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Castle Clash provides decent graphics that hold a lot of detail.  They are small and it is hard to see when zoomed out but the detail is there.  The structures and soldiers all change as you level up allowing you to watch your progress visually.  

Some criticisms should be made about the sound effects and music.  The sound effects can get very annoying over time and the music although pleasant doesn't really fit the game.  I normally play the game with the sound off.  Another criticism is the length of time it takes to level up.  After playing for a while it takes longer and longer to level up.  Over the year the developers have tried to fix it but for the heroes it still takes too long to get them higher.

It is a great game and I believe the popular counter part Clash of Clans is very similar so if you liked one you would probably like the other.  I give the game five stars.  It is very well-developed for an app game.

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I have written another game review and plan to do more in the future so stay tuned.

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