Vibrate to Lose Weight?

With weight-loss the top of everyones agenda, I have tried potions, determination and prescription drugs to shift weight. Someone recommended me the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus from The Sports HQ on Amazon though and said it works. The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus claims to be able to help you lose weight by vibration alone; a claim I intend to put to the test as part of an ongoing article right here on InfoBarrel.

An Artists Impression of darren-w-gray's stomachCredit:

The testing is not going to be overly scientific, I am not going to subscribe to any special diets to  influence the results and I hope that I do more than lose weight trying to put the thing together! What I will do though is review the Vibration Plates Plus like an ordinary consumer; no claims of "you will lose 10 stone in a month" (I wish!) or "this will revive relationships with your significant other" (no comment!) but an honest opinion of what I think of this machine.... good or bad.

As you can see from this artists impression though, I do need to lost a little weight. We regret that due to the threat of litigation, we are unable to show you my actual stomach as it has been known to make people ill.

The Product

The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus

The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus is available to buy in the UK from Amazon third-party retailer The Sports HQ. The idea of the machine is that it gives you a workout based on the vibrating plates that are under your feet and depending on which of the four recommended postures you use will reflect on the parts of your body that will gain the benefit. 

The Confidence Vibration Plates PlusBuilding the Vibration Plate Plus was really easy. The various parts to build the workout machine come with their nuts already in place to show that not only they are all there, but that you also have the right screw for the right hole. While we were building ours we managed to scratch some of the paintwork but then if you are going to be useing it every day then it will get scratched anyway.

There are 50 different speed settings that are available on the Vibration Plate Plus and from listening to people talking about it the best place to start is around 15 to 20. The idea of the speed settings is that once you are used to the vibration you are able to increase the speed for more effect. Standing on the vibration plate it does feel a little hard. It would be easy to understand that in a gym environment the use of training shows means that commercial versions of the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus would need hard wearing pads on them; but in the home we have taken to placing a small towel and dispense with the cheesy footwear.

Because of the way that your muscles are worked out it is recommended that you only use the Vibration Plate Plus for 10 minutes with at least 3 hours break in between. Certainly in the first few days that I have been using it, I have found that using different stances I can certainly feel my thighs and calfs being worked; but I never seem to break into a sweat so how it can aid weight loss is anyones guess!

The Workout

My First Week with the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus

Now let's be honest. I am not expecting a miracle considering I eat more than my recommended 2000 calories a day almost every day, I drink beers, wines AND spirits and I vegitate in front of a computer screen at work all day. 

That being said even if I only use the Confidence Vibration Plates Plus I should be able to lost at least a little bit of weight; the intention is of course that I am not going to change my eating habits. I have used the Vibration Plates Plus at least once every day, but I have stuck to doing the full 10 minutes.

I must admit that my legs do indeed feel like they have been worked on when I finish with the machine. I think that 10 minutes injects energy instead of offering a complete weight loss solution though, I find that using it makes me need to go off and do something which involves walking or otherwise exercising my legs further. Good news for me as I rarely have the energy!

The instructions that came with the Vibration Plates Plus suggest that there are a number of stances that you can use on the machine in order to stimulate different parts of the body. I am using two of them at the moment;

  • standing straight with legs slightly apart - working on the abdomen, buttocks and chest
  • standing slightly squat - working on the buttocks, shank and thighs

I differ my workouts from day to day, they are all 10 minutes in length but some start slowly and have a build up and a calm down, others build up to a speed and stay there. In each case though I try to get hald in each of the two stances.

The Early Results

Although it should not be expected that I would see instant results, I was mildly suprised to find that I had apparently lost 1.4Kg in the first week of using the Confidence Vibration Plates Plus. To be honest I am not going to say that this is all down to the machine because common sense would say that it would be hard to prove that all the weight loss is specifically down to it's introduction.

Using the vibration plates though has in a way made a difference already. I feel like I have more energy and that means that I am more active, even within the home, a good thing when anyone is losing weight.

At the same time I am going to be embarking on weight loss in the long term and for the first few weeks using solely the Confidence Vibration Plates Plus as my mechanical aid. If you want to follow my progress, do so at The Golden Blog.