What are the Pros and Cons of Writing for Demand Studios?


  • Demand Studios gives a good opportunity to make decent wages working from home
  • Demand Studios makes it possible for stay at home moms to remain active in their/a profession while at home with their children
  • Demand Studios offers professional editing for each article before it is posted online
  • Demand Studios offers the opportunity to write for different clients in your area of expertise
  • Demand Studios offers the opportunity for Revenue Share through eHow
  • Demand Studios offers Writing Enrichment Programs and other training programs
  • Demand Studios has a program for bloggers to help their blogs gain more visibility and credibility
  • Demand Studios is one of the highest paid content oriented site available to writers
  • Demand Studios has a forum to keep the lines of communications open and as a help to new writers
  • Editors, for the most part are respectful with their comments, although there are a few that can be somewhat rude


  • Demand Studios suffers work shortages periodically so it is best to not put all your eggs in one basket
  • The editing is very subjective and often inconsistent from Editor to Editor, causing frustration and confusion among the writers
  • The Revenue Share pay structure is not transparent
  • Expressing grievances and frustrations with the editors are often discouraged the forums
  • Writers are sometimes not given sufficient notice before major changes take place
  • Demand Studios only offers one chance at rewriting a topic, no real open two-way communication between Writer and Editor
  • Some Writers feel Demand Studios does not adequately address their concerns
  • Some Writers feel Demand Studios does not treat the Writer with the same respect as the Editor
  • Writers give up the rights to their work
  • The Revenue Share is only paid out for five years, it is not a lifetime payment relationship
  • The scoring proceedure is mostly subjective and sometimes unfair to the writers
  • The writers cannot appeal theirs scores which remain on their record and plays a role in whether or not they are hired for special projects
  • Some of the rewrite requests are unecessary and a waste of the writer's time

Demand Media, Inc. is an online content mill that produces content for sites like Cracked, YouTube, Trails.com, Mania.com, USA Today, Golflinks.com, LiveStrong and eHow.  The company was co-founded by Shawn Colo and Richard Rosenblatt in 2006.  Rosenblatt is MySpace’s chairman and had experience in the social media arena, while Colo is an expert in acquisitions.  The company has attracted both praise and criticism for its writing program and the content mill portion of its business model.

Demand Media, Inc. actually hires its writers to cover all subjects. Many writers have Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Doctorates, MDs, and PhDs, while others may have no advanced degree but specialized knowledge in a certain area.  Demand Media Inc. uses algorithms to obtain content for its thousands of writers. The writers then choose titles (between 10 and 25 at a time) and writes to those specific titles.  Research and or expertise in a subject matter is usually needed to complete the title so it can adequately pass the rigid editorial process. Writers get one week to complete each title, and a few extra days if the article gets returned for a rewrite.  There is only one chance to fix an article to meet the Editor’s specifications. If the article does not meet specification after the first rewrite, it then gets rejected.

So, is Demand Media, Inc. formerly known as Demand Studios worth applying to? The short answer is, yes.  Some Writers have complaints about Demand Media Inc. and while they are perfectly legitimate, other Writers seem to be grateful for the opportunity to write from home and make a decent wage.  Writers also have the opportunity to have their names displayed in nationally recognized publications such as USA Today and work on many different special projects. Demand Media, like any other company has its pros and cons, but in the long run if you are used to the Writer/Editor relationship, and you like to research and write about different subjects, then Demand Media, Inc. may be a good fit for you.