Chipotle Mexican Restaurant Review

Chipotle is our resident favorite Mexican fast food restaurant that has a great business model and great tasting food. After eating here for a while I really felt inspired to write a review of the wonderful things Chipotle is doing and why they are so successful.

The food

Chipotle strives to produce quality Mexican food while doing it in a fast food environment. I will be the first to admit that if I want really good authentic Mexican food Chipotle is not where I would run to but instead a real restaurant, but Chipotle offers a great fast alternative for the time conscious. After investigating their nutrition facts and the process they take to ensure quality produce and meats enter their stores I'm happy to say Chipotle LogoCredit: en.wikipedia.orgthat Chipotle cares. They ensure that all of their produce is grown with care and no added chemicals, and the animals are fed natural diets with no added hormones or junk that many other farmers use. This is the reason why their food tastes good and is relatively healthy to eat, because of the natural and organic growing process Chipotle strives for. Their food tastes delicious and they offer a variety of ways to customize your meal. You can have a bowl, burrito, tacos, or salad and the food line offers quick customization of whatever you want to order. Quick service allows the customer to enjoy Mexican food on the go and at a decent price.

The service

Chipotle takes great strides in having enthusiastic workers are both efficient and fun. Every Chipotle store I have visited has had wonderful employees that were energetic and happy to serve me. I believe that this is important to all customers because nobody feels comfortable walking into a restaurant and having bored unenthusiastic employees. This energy that the workers add to the room built me up and caused my stay to be enjoyable. The service they offer is also great. The employees are helpful and very fast so they get your food at lightning speed. You can pick your order type like a bowl or burrito and then order all of the ingredients you like and in less than a minute or two you will have your entire meal set and ready to take out. This process is great because you not only get your food at a rapid rate, but you also get to see everything that's going on. When you head to other restaurants they make the food in the back and you have to stand and wait until it's ready. I like seeing my food made in front of me, it makes it feel like time goes faster.

Beyond the store

Chipotle does a really great job in their restaurant stores to provide great service and quality fast food, but I also love how involved they are outside of those double doors. Their social media skills really help in making their transparency greater and also give them more exposure to emerging markets where modern technology gives them more influence. They reach out by providing coupons, daily deals, and also expose area events that they are hosting or providing things to.

I also love how they cater as well. You don't just have to go to a store and get an individual meal; you can also get it catered. This means that if you have a business meeting, a party, or a get-together you can order a chipotle catering package and still enjoy the delicious quick Mexican meal you desire while also benefitting friends or co-workers. This works out to the benefit of the Chipotle chain for increased revenues and exposure, while benefitting you because you get to please everyone around you with a delicious meal.

Overall I rate Chipotle very highly in the fast food arena. They offer quality food, great prices, wide variety of choices, and offer a product that different from your typical fast food restaurant. I will continue to go here and order out if I'm looking for a quick Mexican fix and I hope for their continued success as more stores begin to pop up and franchise opportunities present themselves.