Final Fantasy Tactics

Square tile goodness

Final Fantasy Tactics was a spinoff game that really took off with a lot of people for its different playstyle and look. Players are able to move characters around a battlefield instead of being stationary in a fixed position like all previous games in the series. This was a very interesting move by Squaresoft and while it wasn't as popular as their recent Final Fantasy 7 game, it still sold very well for its time and people still enjoy it today, myself included!

The battle system

The Final Fantasy Tactics battle system was unique in that characters didn't stay in a fixated position with enemies on the left and your characters on the right. While this game is still turn based, there is more to the battle system than just selecting an action and performing it. Strategy is much more key here as you not only have to attack and defeat your enemies, but you have to move within range of your enemies to get your attacks off and use terrain to keep yourself safe. Abilities like melee attacks require the character to move adjacent to the enemy and attacking them, while ranged attacks had a certain distance in squares they could be to execute the attack. The battle system still keeps a certain basic feel of the Final Fantasy series but uses many unique abilities and terrains to make the battle more dynamic and interesting instead of select attack and use it.

Before a battle starts you are given a start screen that allows you pick a certain number of participants and gives you the ability to arrange them in a cerFinal Fantasy Tactics BattleCredit: www.designbordeaux.comtain way as a formation for the beginning of the battle. Once the battle starts you have the option to move, act, and wait. Move means you can move your character in any of the blue panels that appear. Act is any action your character takes such as casting a spell, attacking with a weapon, or using an item. Wait is used when you want your character's turn to end. You can do one of each action per character turn so the common thing to do is move to your opponent and then attack them, or if you are already close to your opponent you can attack them and then move away to safety. The strategy builds from this basic example of battle.

Classes and characters

The wonderful thing about Final Fantasy Tactics is they brought back the job class system used in Final Fantasy 5. The job classes are all pretty standard and yet unique at the same time. You have your typical classes like the archer and the knight which are self-explanatory, but then Squaresoft added unique classes like the Bard and the Ninja. There are a total of 20 classes that you can make your generic maInventoryCredit: lparchive.orgle or female soldier, but there are also special characters you get on your journey that have a class you can't pick other than through them such as the Holy Knight and Temple Knight. When you start off the game you can pick one of a very select few available job classes for your characters and as you level up in them you can select new classes that open up.

This game allows a great amount of customization for your characters in the wide range of abilities and passives and also in equipment choices. If you are going into a battle that is heavy on melee enemies it would be smart to use Knights for the front lines and caster or archers in the back so you have a good balance. If you are going into a battle where the battlefield itself is very large then you can choose to give all of your characters + movement abilities to give them more freedom. The choices are endless, and you really do have total control of how you play the game unlike most Final Fantasy games where the characters are set in stone.

Storyline and music

This is a very difficult section to write because words cannot simply describe how incredibly well thought out and planned the Final Fantasy Tactics storyline and music are. The storyline is so smooth and yet plot twists and betrayals are constantly around the corner to keep us as a player interested. The musical arrangements are so unique and tantalizing that people have sought out to buy the soundtrack in droves. Our story is in the world of Ivalice and our main hero is Ramza. Without writing a novel and going into the whole story, Ramza basically is a boy that holds true for justice and peace and fights to keep the world in balance. Many join his quest to stop wars and some things that go beyond human abilities. I almost feel that a director could take the plot and storyline and make a great movie out of it, this game has it all. The music is really nice to listen to. The battle music is appropriately arranged for this games unique battle style and there are plenty of elements in the music arrangements to make the player feel certain emotions. I love it!

Overall opinion

Final Fantasy Tactics has been around for a long time, and due to the popularity of the original game from the PlayStation they have made sequels and remakes for newer gaming platforms so others could enjoy this beautiful game and its battle system. I personally have restarted this game over a dozen times and each time it never fails to captivate me completely. The storyline and characters are so unique, the battle system is addicting, and the typical RPG elements keepNight SwordCredit: the player enveloped for hours on end.

There is also quite a large following for this game despite the fact that it's been out for so long. Many forums around the internet still have hot topics that receive daily and weekly posts about this game, and numerous Final Fantasy Tactics websites are easily found in doing a simple Google or Bing search. I'm proud to say that this is my most played Final Fantasy game and so many others have agreed from seeing how large of a following this game still has over the years. If you haven't played it before, go out and find yourself a copy. If you have played it, have you enjoyed it? How long did you play it before you quit?