PRLog is a popular press release site that helps organizations distribute newsworthy stories relating to their products and services. As press releases are often said to be second behind SEO as a means of getting your business noticed, it would be foolish for companies to pass up the opportunity to use this cost-effective method of marketing.

The most notable thing about PRLog is the fact that it is 100% free to use. This is a major boost to small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford to pay for the huge marketing drives attempted by their larger counterparts. Free press releases really help to level the playing field and drastically reduces the need for advertising expenditure.

First and foremost, PRLog gives you a free press release account and all you need to do is sign up for it. The site also hosts all your press releases and gives you the option of releasing your news in PDF or webpage format. It is also possible to release videos on the site with a host of tags and categories useful when it comes to separating your press releases from the thousands of others on the site.

The obvious advantage of PRLog is the fact that it is free. However, free is useless if it doesn’t give you what you need. After all, you are still wasting time if the site doesn’t give you the exposure you desperately need. Thankfully, PRLog has a range of useful features and also enjoys a relatively high ranking. According to respected ranking system Alexa, PRLog is ranked in the top 2,000 sites in the world and is just outside the top 1,000 sites in America. Not bad exposure for free!

Logging in takes up little of your time and is easy to do. You can add hyperlinks to your press release, they are submitted in less than 24 hours and you can include your company logo for extra authenticity and professionalism. You can edit and delete releases as you see fit and also take a peek at the site’s analytics which helps you see the levels of traffic your release is attracting. Analytics are an essential part of any marketing strategy. The statistics provided on the site include the number of clicks your release gets and even where they come from!

There are a huge number of press releases currently on the site, all of which can be viewed thanks to PRLog’s huge database. You can search according to location, type of company, category and date to quickly narrow down the field.

PRLog doesn’t quite give you the same array of choices and features as paid sites but it comes fairly close. You may want more advanced options but for 99% of companies, PRLog has everything you need.

There is little else to say other than the fact that PRLog is one of the best free pr distribution sites around. Press releases are relatively inexpensive but PRLog takes the value for money they provide to a whole different level. It is the ideal site for organizations of all sizes who have something interesting to say about their products and services.