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Wow Mobile has no contracts, no cancellation fees, no credit check and no deposits.

Wow Mobile compensation plan can give you a chance to earn significant income from home.

If you refer three people to the Wow Mobile plan, yours is free!

Wow Mobile is offers excellent products and services of high value and offers a business opportunity unlike any other in the industry.

Wow Mobile offers two of the most popular state of the art phones including the T-Mobile My Touch phone.

You get unlimited tethering to your laptop which no other phone service offers if you do not purchase an air card.


The Wow Mobile division of Liberty International is only about 5 months old so the Wow Mobile division is still in the growing process.

Some may not be able to afford the highest Wow Mobile Business builder level, even though this can provide the greatest chance for a lucrative financial business opportunity.

Full Review

If you are interested in Wow Mobile, whether it be the service or the business opportunity, here is a full review of the Wow Mobile opportunity.

Wow Mobile is a division of Liberty International which is a 10 year old debt free company. Although the Wow Mobile division started five months ago, it is backed by the strength of Liberty International which takes out some of the risks of it being a start-up company.

Wow Mobile has a strategic alliance with T-Mobile, and the phones that are offered by Wow Mobile are very high quality T-Mobile phones such as the "My-Touch" phone.

At a low price of 89.99 (includes taxes and fees), you can get unlimited voice to U.S and Puerto Rico, unlimited e-mail, data transfer, and unlimited texting.

When you enroll 3 people into the same Wow Mobile plan that you are in, you can get your mobile phone service for free!

The Wow Mobile business opportunity is also very enticing, as you can build 8 teams of entrepreneurs and earn a maximum of $7,777 if you come into the business at the highest business builder level.

Wow Mobile, as a product and service as well as business opportunity is highly recommended as this may become the top home business in 2010.

In Closing

In closing, Wow Mobile as a product and service gives people a chance to get excellent phone service and a chance to get free mobile phone service when using the Wow Mobile plan.

Wow Mobile is also a very lucrative business opportunity for those of your looking to earn some extra money or to start a business from home.