VacUpack Deluxe

If you’re in the market for a non industrial vacuum sealer you have probably already seen by reading some reviews that it can be difficult to find one that is well rounded and has good reviews.  I was in the same boat as you, but I luckily was able to find one about 6 months ago that might be quality enough for your hard earned money; the VacUpack Deluxe.

How I Use It

I purchased this sealer not only because of the good reviews/stars, but because of what the reviews said.  In particular, what the reviews said about its longevity and consistency.  In the few months I have had the sealer, I have used it about twice per months, but for about 2 hours each time and it hasn’t failed yet.  Predominately, I use the machine to package dried foods such as rice, beans, and wheat and for this purpose I can say for certain it is well suited to the task.

Some Advantages

Overall, it is very similar to other vacuum sealers in the visual sense, but with this sealer there is a sort of undefinable sense of quality mostly because of the thick plastic and robust buttons. To be blunt,  you never get the sensation that the next time you push a button too hard it’s going to break. 

Another major advantage is its versatility and simplicity of use.  The machine has a manual and automatic sealing mode and they both work very well.  This gives you the maximum amount of control when you are sealing.  I rarely use the manual mode, but the times I have, I realized that it really is unneeded simply because the automatic mode works so well.  Regarding simplicity, the buttons are laid out in a logical way and there are no buttons on the machine that you don’t use (because there are only a few).

Some Disadvantages

The main disadvantage I can see with this machine compared with others is the price. I paid close to 400 dollars for mine by the time I paid for shipping.  However, I don’t regret the decision.  Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. 

It's Worth It

If you are looking for something of quality that’s not going to break after just a couple months of use, I think this one will fit your needs.  From what I can tell the build quality is very good and my machine is still going strong after about 6 months.  Yes, the price is quite high compared to other more mainstream brands, however because of the quality, I see this product more so as a long term investment, not an annual purchase.

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