Your resume helped you to crack the first step in your job hunt. Now, it’s the next step, and you cannot relax as there is a lot more to do. You will need to get most of your interview to make sure you land a job. Interviews are the most vital element in your job search process. An employer calling you for an interview implies his interest in your credentials. He certainly is looking ahead to bring you on board. You just have to confirm his belief that you are a perfect ‘fit’ for the position.

Interview is a two way strategic communication with a defined purpose. You have a purpose to convince the employer about your skills and the employer has a purpose to gaze your skills against the requirements. Most of the times, employers are not only interested in your academic skills and professional traits but your personality, enthusiasm, confidence and interpersonal skills can count too. Here are a few tips to help you make the optimum of your job interview.

Research is the keyword! You will have to research about the company and the job profile before you appear for an interview. Ensure that you pay attention to every minute detail and prepare yourself to justify that you fit in the requirements.

If you cannot access enough material over the internet, do not hesitate to ask the employer to provide you the annual reports and job description. Thoroughly knowing about the job and the organization helps you prepare well for your ‘big day’.

Once you have understood the requirements of the company and job, you should try to find out the questions an interviewer is likely to ask you. Prepare succinct and clear answers to such questions and practice answering the questions too with a friend. This will boost your confidence and you may receive constructive feedback about speaking style and poise.

Be Prompt
You should encash every opportunity to leave a positive impression on your prospective employer. Be prompt and arrive early to an interview. Arriving 5-10 minutes early to an interview is ideal. This also allows you to catch your breath while getting ready for the interview.

Be Organized
If you are an engineering student, carry two copies of your engineering student resume so that you can give one to the recruiter and keep one with you, in case, you need to refer to it to brief the recruiter about any section.

After Interview Notes
Howsoever the interview goes, be ready for some general after- interview notes to thank the recruiter for his time and efforts. This may influence employer’s decision about hiring you.

Your resume built after referring to a couple of student resume examples can give you a push in your job hunting progress. After being scheduled for an interview, you have to put the maximum efforts to make sure you bag a job after the interview. So, be confident, organized and professional to answer all the queries from a recruiter. Ensure that he finds you as a value to his organization.