Quick Facts

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin
Genra: Sci-fi, Comedy, and Action |  PG-13
Opening Weekend: 54+ Million
Runtime: 106 min

Men in Black Will Smith


The Men in Black are back again to save the world from aliens and intruders! Men in Black III stars Will Smith (Agent J, who tends to have a funny sense of humor…or is that just something Will Smith is good at?), Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K, the ever quiet and no-nonsense agent who’s been around forever in the agency), and Jemaine Clement (the arch alien enemy that is trying to take over the world!). Josh Brolin also stars as the younger Agent K, who actually looks very much like the older version.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has captured what a police force against the invisible aliens on earth would look like, if earth ever had a portal where aliens traveled in and out of our galaxy. Full of aliens, who are disguised at humans here on earth and having the oddest aliens features, the movie is a classic “Men in Black” film.

It all begins when Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement), breaks out of prison that he’s been held in for well over 30 years. Boris, seeking revenge on Agent K, who put him there, and has found a way to go back in time and kill Agent K, before Agent K. can set up a Safety Net that wards off alien attacks. Boris is then able to send a force, in the future of course, to take over the earth.

The writers set up a very good tension between these two characters. You can see that there is a lot of history that Agent K is trying to hide and the lack of not knowing what that history is, keeps you engaged.

Fortunately, Agent J didn’t get caught in the time change and still remembered Agent K.  Once he realizes this, he finds a way to time travel a day before Boris killed Agent K (so we have a travel back in time twice, “back to the future movies” are always hard to comprehend) and involves a scene where he has to jump off the Chrysler building, a scene that can make the strongest viewer feel afraid of heights! Imagine this scene in 3D!

This takes him back to 1969, the day before Boris killed Agent K. He lands in a setting that is very reminiscent to 1969, including 1960 vehicles and unfortunately for Agent J, racial prejudice that was prevalent in 1969.

After chasing Boris the Animal and failing to catch him, he runs into the young Agent K. (Josh Brolin), who then proceeds to take and questions him at headquarters. Once Agent J convinces Agent K, that the world is about to be destroyed, they head on mission to find the Safety Net and rush it to Kennedy Space Center in Florida so it can be deployed on the Apollo 11 Space Mission.

Finding the Safety Net brings them to Griffin, an alien who can see multiple possibilities in the future. Griffin has kept the Safety Net protected and delivers it to the Agents. As if there wasn’t comic relief enough, Griffin seems to top it off in his very quirky manner.

The Agents finally make it to Florida, via gigantic jet packs. Once in Florida, they fight their way up to the top of the launching pad. Somehow, in the time travel, two Boris the Animal’s have emerged and become an even greater obstacle to saving the world. The scenes during this time are truly riveting. If you are afraid of height or queasy, you will probably be closing your eyes; the structure leading up to the top of the rocket is very high and someone the makers make this part feel real.

However, they make it through and that is when Agent J finds something very important about his child hood. The ending seems to close on a very positive note, and leaves the door open for the possibility of another movie.

Boris the Animal | MIB iii


Will Smith: Will Smith has performed in all three “Men in Black” films, and does very well in this one. He’s the no non-sense, yet funny agent who happens to takes his job seriously, but is willing to get his hands dirty in order to get the job done. He is also a very personable guy.

Tommy Lee Jones: Tommy Lee Jones plays Agent K like he usually does…to perfection. But, perhaps a little bit too much perfection. He is the no-nonsense, no personality that many hard years have made him to be. Jones plays the older Agent K and seems to be an almost father figure to Agent J. Tommy Lee Jones, nailed it again.

Josh Brolin: The younger agent K, Josh Borlin with slicked back oily hair, looks almost the spitting image of a younger Tommy Jones. It sounds like the voice was dubbed over as Tommy Jones, but Borlin’s acting was superb.


The story flowed nicely. There was a good introduction, a story line that didn’t drag too long, and a conclusion that was dramatically climatic, especially when people are running and swinging from the top of very high objects! It ended in a sentimental moment when Agent J, was able to see something that happened to him as a kid. The movie didn’t have too much intense action, but some nice pauses that let you see into the personalities of the characters. This helped develop the story very well.

Borlin Men in Black

Cinematography and Lighting

There is not much to be said about lighting. Though, one can assume that lighting played a huge part, as there was a LOT of green screen action. There was so much green screen that sometimes one could tell. Now, one could attribute this to the nature of the movie. If this is the case, that’s fine, but if not, then more work could have been done on green screens. The other graphics and effects were incredible. It’s not an easy thing to make an animated giant killer fish attacking someone or wooden darts coming out of one’s hand and pining their enemies to the wall!

There were, however, some really great camera shots, especially the swooping one on top of the Chrysler building. Also the shot, which I imagine was full of animated work during the time travel, was incredible!

It seemed that the “fish-eye” lens was used way too much. Yes, this is a trademark of Men in Black, but one doesn’t want to see every other shot full of fish like big faces. If you don’t know what this is, you’ll quickly figure it out after watching about 10 minutes. It would have been nice had they mixed up the shots more.


The music soundtrack, Back In Time,  was your typical futuristic sci-fi melodies. However, in scenes with Agent K, once could hear the cowboy music he was known for. The score fit in quite well with the “save the world from attacking aliens” movie.

All in all, the movies deserves about a 7 out of 10. It didn’t have any real great depth, but did provide a nice entertaining story. The acting was great! The shots were good, apart from over use of “fish-eye” shots.

So, if you are in the mood for a slightly odd, but humorously entertaining flick, head on over to the theatre and check it out! Then come back and post about what you thought!

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