Enthralling quest system

Immersive world

Rewarding loot

Fun multiplayer


Glitchy save system

Vehicle glitches

Poor story climax

Poor loot sharing system

Full Review


Borderlands is a first person shooter that is set on a distant planet called Pandora. The The game allows you to explore a wasteland chalk full of baddies, quests, and loot. The main story line is centered around finding a mythical vault overflowing with loot and rewards. You have the option of playing the game solo or with friends as one of four well polished characters, all equally as entertaining to play. Available on several consoles including the PC.



When staring the game out the player has the option to choose from four distinct classes. There is a character that will suit most play styles. For the player that likes to get close and personal, there is the Berserker whose skills revolve around melee and absorbing damage. There is the Siren who uses alien energies to phasewalk in and out of battles, wreaking havoc on the field wherever she goes. The Hunter uses long range weapons to do damage from far away along with his pet bird of prey. The Soldier is a great all around character that has the ability to upgrade his turret do a range of things, from healing his teammates to launching missiles at enemies. Each character has a skill tree that offers three skill lines to build on, allowing the player to customize their character further.


Weapon System

The weapon system in Borderlands is extremely well thought out and gives a great arsenal from which the player can choose. The game uses an engine to automatically generate unique weapons and there are several classes of weapons to choose from. Submachine guns, assault rifles and rocket launchers are just a few of the toys you will get to use as you blast your way across Pandora. Each weapon has its own player skill attribute that the player automatically levels up by using the weapon type more. Leveling this skill up will increase things like accuracy and reload time. Each weapon also has its own stats such as: magazine size, damage, and fire rate. All weapons have the ability to have an alien elemental damage attached, which allows the player to do things like set people on fire while shooting them. The elements available are: fire, shock, and acid. Each element has its own havoc that it wreaks on your unfortunate foes. The grenade system is quite unique as well, allowing the player to attach modifiers to their grenades that make them perform tasks well outside the normal scope of a grenade. Modifiers range from bouncing mods that let the grenade bounce around until it hits a target, to transfusion grenades that explode into vampiric rays that seek out enemies and leach their life energy back to the user. These grenade mods are both fun and satisfying to use.


Loot System

The looting system, paired with the rich questing system, keeps the player enthralled with game for hours on end. Killing nearly all creatures in the game rewards the player with new weapons and ammo. There are also special alien artifacts that add modifiers to the player's special abilities. The entire world is riddled with chests and containers to be pillaged. Some chests contain high-end weapons and others, large amounts of cash and ammo. There are also plenty of bosses to fight in Pandora that drop special weapons and other high end loot.



Multiplayer in Borderlands is offered in both online play and split screen. Computer versions of the game also allow players to join up with other players. Playing the game with others allows players to utilize multiple character classes in team fights and allows players to tackle challenges that would be to difficult otherwise. Another added benefit of playing multiplayer is the upscale looting system. The more players that fight in a battle makes the creatures more difficult and the loot that drops from these creatures is much better. I would recommend playing that game in multiplayer, because it makes that game much more entertaining and offers a great pastime for a group of four or more friends.


Glitches and Problems

The game has a few glitches that you will want to keep in mind while playing. When driving the vehicles in the game, be careful when running over guardrails or other raised objects as this can effectively lodge the vehicle in place. The saving system also has a few problems that you will want to check on in order to ensure that your characters are not corrupted and ruined. There are several fixes that players can use to keep save damage from happening.

In Closing

Overall the game is an amazing piece of work that should appeal to most fans of first person shooters and multiplayer games. The art work is stunning and creatures, while limited in scope, are very unique. I would recommend this game to all gamers, as there is something to love for everyone.