Hello Fellow Actors,

 Just a few short weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking part in Brette Goldstein’s “Acting for Film” class, being offered by CnC-Studios. The story was that I wanted to get back into the “swing” of taking classes but didn’t know which class to take. A fellow actor and I were talking months ago and she mentioned her experience with taking class with Brette. My friend found her class to be informative, while still being both interesting and fun. Once I heard this, I was sold!

One day while reading my emails from ActorsFirstNY, I saw that the company was offering “Acting for Film” and I instantly remembered my friend’s recommendation. Within a week, I signed up for the class and asked another friend to join me.

While taking this 3 week course, I found Brette to be very fun, approachable and definitely not as intimidating as some Casting Directors. During the class, she definitely introduced tools that both veteran and new actors alike could appreciate for the auditioning process.

There were many lessons to learn in class but a couple stood out from the rest. The first lesson was to understand the difference in pacing for both stage and film. In film, taking your time with sides is perfectly fine, especially for scenes that are on the heavier side with the content. In instances like this, the non-verbal actions or expressions can speak volumes. Some actors are thrown off by the need to “keep the pace” and other important qualities are lost because of this. Another lesson was that staying in frame is paramount above all else. If the camera does not see you, whatever actions or facial expressions you may want to show are useless.

One of the best parts of this class was just the opportunity to watch other actors practice their craft. While waiting for our own individual turn to participate, we had the opportunity to see one actor show the importance of voice control, another using extremely small gestures to build their character, and even one actor portray a new character type because he was sick of being “type-cast” into other roles.

The one question you have to ask yourself is “who would be better to teach how to succeed in acting than the person who is going to invite you into the audition?” Overall, I am very glad that I took this class and I am excited to take more with both CnC-Studios and Brette Goldstein. I definitely advise actors of all levels of experience to sign up in the future because in this business, we are never “done” learning and growing as performers.