If you are one of those people that love to read a great book then have a look at the many books that author T Parker has written. He creates great scenes, actions and characters full of details so much so that once you start reading one you will not want to put the book down.


As any wannabe writer is always told "if they want to write, they need to grab their readers' attention".If crime writing is your dream or forte then read his books and learn from this current day master of crime writing.


For many years T.J.Parker has written lots of great crime thriller novels. Read how the Sherriff Charlie Hood deals with the drug dealers, and all the other bad guys.

His most recent creation is:



The Border Lords

This is said to be the best crime thriller written in many years.The agent Sean Ozburn goes undercover and his only communication is videos sent to his wife.Sherriff Charlie Hood once again has to determine what has or is happening to his friend. This novel is set in America's southern border.From what I have read this would have to be one of the highly sort after crime books of this era that you need to read.


Other crime books by T.J Parker:



The Renegades

This one follows on from L.A. Outlaws, where Sherriff Charlie Hood chases the drug dealers. After learning of the death of his partner and friend he has to search for the murderer.This author puts you into the action as though there yourself with realistic plots and dialogue.



Iron River

This Time T Jefferson Parker puts Sherriff Charlie Hood in right in the action in the middle of the bad buys.He sends you on so many twists and turns that you think you know what is happening with the gunrunners, then once again everything changes when the son of the Mexican cartel is killed.


Hood becomes involved with a woman which leads the reader into more suspense from the risks Hood has to take to stay alive.



The Fallen


T Jefferson Parker allows his readers to identify with the character of Robbie Brownlaw in this novel.Who is head over heels in love with his wife Gina and for some reason does not see this character as the self centered and shallow person depicted in this novel.

He is assigned to the case of finding the killer of Garrett Asplundh a former detective in the SDPD. The drowning of Garrett's young daughter earlier puts more strain on his marriage to Stella. This novel portrays Robbie fighting for what he believes is right and knows that finding Garrett's killer could uncover hidden things going on in his beloved city.



Californian Girl

These are troubled times during the horror of the Vietnam War and the Kennedy death for America. Then a beautiful "Tustin beauty queen from Florida is murdered and Nick Becker is assigned to the case.Nick comes from a family of three other boys Clay, David and Andy.As the story goes the Becker boys never got along with Janelle Vonns brothers.

As the story unfolds the grief from clays death in the war also affects the conflicts between the families. As Nick's partner Lucky learns more of these family conflicts so do the readers.

More crime books to look for by T Jefferson Parker


  • Black water
  • Cold pursuit
  • Summer of fear
  • LA Outlaws
  • Laguna Heat
  • Little Saigon
  • The Triggerman's Dance
  • Where Serpents lie
  • The blue hour
  • Red light
  • Silent Joe
  • Storm runners


If you have never read any of T Jefferson Parkers crime thriller books then I suggest you check these out if you enjoy that type of book.