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If you are traveling in the north portion of Washington State and want a wonderful bed and breakfast, you cannot go wrong with The Blue Gull Inn.


The Blue Gull Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the northern tip of Washington State in a city called Port Townsend. It was the perfect getaway destination before I returned home for my first book signing. I wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast simply because I had never experienced that atmosphere before. I was looking for a quaint backdrop for the book series I was writing, and I hoped I would meet some interesting people at the breakfast table to add spice to my characters. My sister found the Inn and booked our shared room. I do not often travel so I have high expectations for my accommodations.

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My sister and I shared a room which was on the first level of rooms. It was nice and airy with plenty of windows to open if you felt the need for fresh air. The beds were twin sized and with a Victorian flair on the bedspread and headboard. There was a fully functioning bathroom inside our room, an alarm clock, and desk to use while working on my book. My sister was thrilled by the folded toilet paper roll and remarked that it was a sign of a good place to stay.

Common area

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by a wonderful seating room. You have the choice to sit on the couch, love seat, or single chair. You can read one of the novels from the bookcase while enjoying a cookie and hot coffee or tea. You might want to spend an hour looking at all the novelties in the China cabinet and art pieces on the wall.

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Breakfast was served every morning at 9 o’ clock sharp. Each guest has a place at a long table with mismatched wooden chairs. My sister and I stayed two nights, so we had different breakfast companions each morning. The conversation is stilted and formal at first, but after breakfast is served everyone relaxes and shares openly. The breakfast selection was amazing. There were scrambled eggs, German pancakes, scones, and a host of jellies and jams to put on the piles of toast. A bonus The Blue Gull Inn offers is a sack breakfast if you must leave before the usual breakfast service.


When you step out in the back yard, there is a lovely glen of flowering trees, ripe vegetables and fruits, and soft grass. It is an area I escaped to when my sister napped.


While set away from the hustle of the main street we were within an easy ten-minute drive of the grocery store and plenty of restaurants which were all reasonably priced. We even had a small adventure when the power went out while we were shopping in Safeway. Power was restored with back-up generators, and our shopping trip was not hindered in the least.

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Port Townsend is full of wonderful things to see and do. My sister and I walked around admiring the architecture and taking pictures in front of aquatic art pieces. The first day deer were walking through the yard and barely noticed that we stopped to take pictures. The town is on the edge of northern Washington the Port Townsend Bay and forty miles north of Seattle. It was perfect weather in August, and we spent several hours on the beach. We spied driftwood shelters on the east side of the beach and when we crossed over the ridge to the west side of the beach, it was littered with tiny multicolored pebbles. Several other beach combers left evidence of their passing with stacked rocks and more stable sand and rock art.

Entertainment daytime

Main Street in Port Townsend has much to offer the infrequent traveler. My sister and I love to find a bargain at thrift shops and there are plenty of stores to choose from. We visited The Maritime Center, which is a museum of boats and the history of Port Townsend too. About fifteen miles away from Port Townsend there is an abandoned military barrack called Fort Warden. It was creepy as I walked the stone pathways and darkened hallways. My favorite part was the arena with a giant metal ring. We then went to The Marine Science Center where we could touch star fish, anemones, and few other sea creatures. It was amazing to know that Washington waters hold a thriving population of sea life despite the cold-water temperature.

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Night life

If you want a loud and playful scene, then you are in luck because the only shop open later than six pm are the bars. My sister wanted to sing karaoke, and so we went to the Sirens Pub. The crowd was loud and intense, I was not very comfortable. I accidentally brushed up against the light switch and shut off the some of the lights. The bartender nonchalantly reached behind me and turned them back on, but I was really embarrassed and convinced my sister to leave after she sang once.

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Overall ServiceparkingCredit: self

I was delighted with the calm and respectful owners and staff. They went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and had easy access to what the town has to offer. The only oddity was the parking arrangement. Instead of a parking lot, you pulled off the main road and parked on the gravel in front of the bed and breakfast. There was always plenty of space for us to park after our daily adventures, so I have no complaint to give.

The Blue Gull Inn served the purpose of relaxing me before my book-signing debut and gave me far more than I expected. The city of Port Townsend has all the charm of a small town with all the commodities of a modern city. I will be returning for certain.