Introduction to Bob Proctor's 11 Laws Program

Hello everyone,

This is my first Info Barrel. Since I love learning and improving myself, I thought I'd share my review of one of my favorite self improvement home study programs. It's "The 11 Forgotten Laws" by Bob Proctor.

Has anyone used this program also? Please share your experience if you have.

OK, so now on to the review:

Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws is a 12 CD home study program. It is made to help people who know about “The Secret” but haven't had any success implementing it. Therefore, this course is great for you if you're interested in using the Law of Attraction in your life.

By the way this is a compact review. I can't fit in all I learn here because it would be too long. But, I believe you can still gain some tips on applying the Law of Attraction by reading this Barrel.

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The essence of The 11 Forgotten Laws

In essence, this Eleven Forgotten Laws program will force you to ask yourself two questions:

1. What success do you want to create?
2. What are you really here to do?

Most people would answer they want to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. But plenty of people are having difficulty trying to create a successful life.

Bob Proctor says the reason for this is because you are out of harmony with the principles of success. This makes you feel exhausted, frustrated, and not getting results.

Therefore, Bob made this course together with his co-author, Mary Morissey, to help you use the 11 Universal Principles to achieve the dreams you desire.

One of my favorite Laws is the Law of Non-Resistance

What I've learned from this program

It's true that this course by Bob Proctor is an "update" to "The Secret". You probably have heard about the Secret - since it's a hugely popular global phenomenon!

However, the Secret (or the Law of Attraction) is only one out of the 11 Laws that Bob and Mary talk about in their course. There are many other Laws - including my favorite: the Law of Non-Resistance (see the video above). You need to apply all these Laws to be in harmony with the Universe.

So what have I learned from the Eleven Laws program? And what can you gain from reading this Info Barrel? Here is a list of 6 steps you can do today:

  1. Give your mental energy to the thoughts that are essential to your success. As Earl Nightingale says, "You become what you think about". This is the Law of Thinking.
  2. Whatever you need to be successful is already available in you and around you. This is known as the Law of Supply, or the Law of Abundance. Since understanding this Law, my perception has really changed about what I can do instead of what I have.
  3. The Law of Attraction brings the Law of Supply closer to you. By thinking correctly, constructively, and positively, you will find more people and information that help you achieve your goals faster.
  4. When these people and opportunities start to flow into your life, you must be open to receive them. This is the Law of Receiving.
  5. Besides receiving support, you must also practice gratitude. By applying the Law of Gratitude, you attract even more abundance to help you succeed because people appreciate that you don't take things for granted (they're willing to help you more).
  6. Use the help you get to work on your goals. This is the Law of Compensation. It means that there is an adequate reward for all the work you do - so do good work!


Do you use the Law of Attraction?

Well, that's my short in review. If you want to read the full review where I discuss each Law and what bonuses you gain from getting the course, head on over to my website that you can find in my signature.

Basically, this course is really worth it if you want to "boost" the power of your attraction. It has helped me immensely in understanding what I need to do so I can reach the success I want.

*Particularly, the lesson on the Law of Non-Resistance made me have to stop and think for quite a while!

Share your stories with the Law of Attraction - or any other Law :)