Carbonite Business Premiere is perfect for businesses that want straightforward, automatic, and affordable backup for their files. It stands out from other solutions out there because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Another notable feature is that each subscription can be used on multiple computers. As if that’s not enough, business-level support is also provided by the company. Of course, Carbonite does have its downsides as well. One disadvantage users have identified is that file sharing is not easy.
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Carbonite Business Premiere. We’ll give you a closer look at its features including it’s set-up, backup, security, remote access, data restore, and file sharing among others.
•    Set-up – most businesses don’t have a dedicated IT department and there’s usually no need for it either. This is because software tools today are so sophisticated that any tech-savvy user can figure out how it works quickly. Carbonite is the same. The installation is very simple and it can be up-and-running within minutes.
•    Backup – completing the initial backup is easy especially if you’ve used Carbonite for your personal data. However, depending on the amount of files you need to back up and store in the cloud, the process can take awhile. Business online backup users tend to have more data compared to home users. Take note though that Carbonite does provide additional service including its external hard drive support.
•    Security – security is serious stuff in the Carbonite Business Premiere software. It starts with the 128-bit encryption that files go through before they leave your system. Then, the information is transmitted through the Secure Socket Layer, a technology that is used by major ecommerce sites, banks, and credit card companies. Finally, the encrypted files will be stored in Carbonite’s servers.
•     Remote Access – it is possible to access the files stored at Carbonite’s servers at any computer with an internet connection. The business account can be viewed whether the computer is registered on the network or not. You can also get access through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers.
•    Data Restore – regardless of the type of document you want to restore or the number of file, Carbonite Business Premiere has as Restore Manager that lets you restore a file. You can search for it by using the file type, date when it was last modified, or file name. Everything will be restored just as you expected.
•    File Sharing – this is a weak point in Carbonite Business Premiere. Compared to other backup companies, it is difficult to share or sync files in this system. In fact, the only way to share data is for each user to log into the account for viewing.

The bottom line is the Carbonite Business Premiere is a secure service that makes good on its promise. It offers one of the best backup services in the industry today. Small and medium-scale enterprises can’t go wrong when they choose Carbonite as their backup provider of choice.