Do you ever think about what light or what prayer really is?   Dr. Dehaaan discusses the chemistry of both in his book.  He contrasts many of today’s findings with things that occurred in the Bible.

It was interesting for me when he talked about how man sinned when he ate from the tree of life on  Page 17.  Man died spiritually and ultimately physically.   I have often heard my pastor speak of life is in the flesh.  Leviticus 17:11.   I can now understand how important the blood is to our life.     Chemotherapy medicine enters the blood stream intravenously. In addition, as I sat with a cancer patient, his doctor explained it is important to catch cancer in the early stages before it grows and passes into the blood stream.  Once in the blood stream, it can attach to vital organs in the body.

Blood transfusions need to enter the blood stream.    On page 18, he states that the normal human body uses 5 quarts of blood to circulate throughout the body.  Now I could see how is important during an injury to stop the blood loss as soon as possible.  Blood is vital in sustaining our bodies.

He even speaks of how elements in the blood have antibodies and antitoxin that prevent infection. I breast-fed my babies for that main reason.  I learned in the breastfeeding classes that when you breast feed, especially the first week, you give the baby antibodies to help their bodies.  They will not get this in cow milk or formula.  This is something that only a mother produces for her baby.  This is so precious.  Anne Smith stated, “Sometimes between the second and fifth day after your baby is born, milk will change from colostrum to transitional milk.”   “This milk has important antibodies, which will continue to protect your baby for as long as he nurses.”  


On page 34, he speaks about how sin made blood incorruptible.     When a person dies, their body starts to decay.  That is why an embalmer places embalming fluid in the body because the body starts to decay after death.  This made me recall how the homicide inspectors wear masks over their face when investigating a crime scene.   I thought they were wearing the mask for the odor, but it is more than that.  When the body decays, any diseases the body had can become airborne and they are susceptible to the disease.  According to Department of Health Hospital Authority, “All dead bodies are potentially infectious and there are STANDARD PRECAUTIONS  for every case.”

When he talks about the Chemistry of the book, he shows and gives a comparison on page 73.   We have observed how surgeons scrub their hands for 10 to 15 minutes before surgery under running water. In addition, I recall when my twin grand children were born.  They stayed in the prenatal unit.  I and other parents had to scrub our hands for a certain amount of minutes under running water before entering the units to hold the babies.   He talks about isolating and the quarantines of  those infected.   He gives a comparison of the Israelites in the Bible.  An example was the quarantine because of leprosy.  He shows how Moses in biblical days knew about bacteriology.  I recall when I suspected my daughter had chickenpox; I recall her covering of blisters from head to toe, even in her head.  When I called the doctor and told him my suspicions, he said he would check her, but to bring her in the back entrance so as not to expose other patients.  Sure enough, she did have them.  

Finally, my favorite part was about the chemistry of prayer.   M.R. Dehaan, MD.  Discusses how prayer is omnipotent and laps over all barriers and distances.   He talks about how your love one who is  in trouble thousand of miles away, you can still pray about their problems immediately.   Page 10.   I like the fact that  quarterback,  football player Tim Tebow has no  problem with bowing down on his knees before a game and praying, because he believes in prayer and is not afraid to show it according to an interview with Diane Sawyer.  

I believe in prayer and I do have a testimony.  During the Olympic Games bombing in 1996, my daughter had worked there all week. I pray for my children always anyway, but when I heard about the bombing, I immediately started praying again.  I tried to call the hotline, but all the lines were busy.  I could not get through.  I did not know if she was okay.   Finally, she called me and told me she took that day off, because she had worked long hours and was very tired.   I do not think that was a coincident.  God was in control and prayer was at work.  

According to WebMD, Many patients recognize the power of prayer and healing.   In addition, more doctors and hospitals are beginning to considerate it a form of complimentary medicine.   I thoroughly enjoy this book, The Chemistry of the Blood.”  I still re-read it from time to time.   [3909]  [3863][3864][3906][3907][3908]