Dating sites have become extremely popular in the last couple of decades. People can find one that matches their lifestyle or way of life no matter what that is. There are hundreds of different kinds people use for dating that offer a variety of options to find people with like interests. Some will charge you, but there are hundreds of others that are inexpensive or even free to use. This one does not have any particular genre or theme surrounding their members which makes a variety of people want to join.

Datehookup is an online dating website that is free of charge to use. Although this particular one does not have a charge to use this doesn’t mean they are less beneficial for anyone that seeks a membership with other similar sites that charge for the same types of services.

The company has a lot of beneficial services they offer you will not see with other paid similar business ventures. The primary concern of this particular company is people who get a membership will have a fantastic experience using their services.


The benefits offered with this industry favorite over similar paid companies include; a blog for all enrollees, customized profiles, an easy to navigate web page, member forums, a friends system, dating ideas and they allow you to send and receive private messages and they save customized searches for everyone that joins. There are also several other features it delivers that enrollees will find very useful for managing relationships or other info after they enlist.

There is a Fan Page with Facebook used to further enhance any experience using this business. Along with Facebook they also have fashioned an IPhone App and one for Android to download from their page.

This business does not have any type of particular theme members adhere to. A number of other comparable places around the web that bring people together for a relationship experience have themes like, horse lovers, similar religious interests or even like ethnic groups. These kinds of companies limit the number of persons you meet. Dismissing these types of themes allows for a larger pool of people to connect with.

A very nice feature of enrollment is the opportunity to set your profile to invisible at any time. When you are invisible with profile information no one can see it. This is great for anyone that may want to leave the dating site interactions with other enrollees, but does not want to cancel their enrollment with the company at this time.

One of the best benefits is your personal information won’t be shared with any third parties. This means you won’t receive spam in your email box after you complete the necessary paperwork for enrolling.

Communication for those that do find a connection is through an instant messaging system located directly on the company web-page. All personal email box information remains protected with this in place. Other members only see your company IM tied to this service and not your personal email address.

Readers will find an extremely short sign up page to complete before getting started with an active membership. In fact, this is one of the shortest when compared with other dating sites which have four or five pages of material you need to give before getting started.


Although there are a lot of great advantages there are some disadvantages to discuss. One of the most important is that profiles are not screened for accuracy in any fashion. Background checks are also not performed on anyone that joins. It does recommend everyone that completes a membership use common sense when connecting with others using the service.

The webpage is not extremely attractive and looks fairly inexpensive. There was obviously not a lot of money spent on design. Although it is easy to navigate, the design is somewhat plain compared to comparable businesses both paid and free of charge. The colors are drab and there is no brand or logo on the page layout. They have barely any outside advertisers or extras that add to web attractiveness or appeal.

There are links associated with specific Datehookup pages or subsidiaries that direct you to other locations around the web. Most of the other locations advertised are more electronic competitors for the same services.

A lot of the pictures of enrollees are poorly displayed. There are pictures of people in sunglasses or too far way to see facial features clearly or make out faces with any kind of distinction. Some of the pictures are of three of four people gathered together where it’s difficult to find the one person in the pic that captions are referring to.

There is some uncertainty if this is on purpose or simply a bad result of the designing phrase. These could be bogus member evaluations and false backing for what they perceive as a great site.

There is not a lot of moderation from the company for the forum discussions. A number of the exchanges contain inappropriate content and conversations. Nearly all the forum banter among the extremely young associates.

Almost all the discussions in the forums are among members that are from 20 to 30 years old and they are personal discussions not related to the website or focused at all.

In conclusion

If you are searching for free online dating sites this one does offer many benefits for persons that choose to join. Though, there are several disadvantages to consider before making the leap to enroll.

The crowds of people reflected as having a membership on the web-page seem like younger adults, no advertising or visual documentation of older members could be found. Therefore, if you are searching for a community for the fifty plus crowd this site will not appeal to your needs. Even persons ages 30 to 40 may find difficulty with some connections being made here.

Joining Datehookup does not cost anything so becoming a part of the community and trying the service is not a financial investment you could lose. With the ability to hide your profile at any time you can connect with other members with a lot of anonymity. As far as these particular types of business go this one is on the lesser end of advantages, but there is no fee to use and you never know where you may find the one for you or the next love of your life. It could be right here.

connecting with others through dating sites is popular

connecting with others through dating sites is popular

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