• Co-op and Terror is Reality gameplay modes
  • Play on Xbox Live
  • Better storyline
  • Tons of items and weaponry


  • Game controls are still a little clunky at times
  • Story mode is designed to have replay value but you probably won't want to play through twice
  • Long intro

Full Review

Dead Rising 2 is a sequel to the original Xbox 360 zombie-fest, Dead Rising. Slated for release in less than a week, it's one of the more anticipated 360 games released this Summer. The question is: Is it worth shelling out $60 for? Well, I had the chance to play this game before it's been released to the public and here's what I have to say about Dead Rising 2 for the Xbox 360:


The graphics in Dead Rising 2 are adequate. Given that the game is being released years after its predecessor, naturally, there are some improvements. The models and environment are a little more detailed and realistic. There are average lighting and shadow effects. The graphics Dead Rising 2 won't amaze you and there are Xbox 360 games that look a lot better or but the graphics are about on par with most modern video games.


Anyone who's played through the original Dead Rising, on the the Xbox 360's earlier releases, will, no doubt, remember that the story left much to be desired. Dead Rising 2 does a little bit better but the story still falls far short of "brilliant." The game takes place 5 years after the first Dead Rising. The characters do seem to have a little more depth this time around. The game still has it's share of dry zombie humor and cheesy plot points but the story does a good enough job to keep you interested. That being said, the introduction goes on entirely too long. You'll find yourself screaming at the TV, "when do I get to kill some zombies already?"


The gameplay is pretty similar to the first Dead Rising incarnation on the Xbox 360. You find yourself in places like a zombie arena, a zombie shelter, and (of course) a zombie-infested mall. The control scheme and movement still feels a bit clunky as it did in the first game but it's workable. One positive aspect is that Dead Rising 2 has a lot more weapons to kill zombies with. The huge variety of items keeps the game from becoming stale

A great edition is a co-op mode where local and online players can team up to play through the game's story mode. There is also a mode called "Terror is Reality" where up to four players can compete in a reality show sort of game where each player attempts to kill more zombies than the other players. It's a welcome change that the developers added some Xbox Live support to this Dead Rising sequel.

In Closing

Dead Rising 2 for the Xbox 360 is far from perfect but hey, most games are, right? Is it worth the buy? I think so. Despite some flaws, Dead Rising 2 has plenty of the zombie killing, multiplayer mayhem us gamers crave. So mark September 28th on your calenders and head to the store and pick up one of better 360 releases this summer.