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The legendary titan Disney Company is a creator of  creative ideas into visually stimulating toys, movies and terrific video games for kids. The aficionados at the renowned company have created a wonder for the world of children with the video game Infinity.

The basic premise is characters from these favorite movies make players capable of transporting into virtual worlds they create. Gaming platforms for it include the Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

Infinity has the most popular stars from some of the company’s most brilliant films. Recognizable characters include stars from The Lone Ranger, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and the money-making giant Pirates of the Caribbean.

The targeted age group is around ten years old. Though, creators have envisioned younger children playing as well. Infinity is looking to attract younger players just beginning to learn about platforming, fighting bad guys and racing using video games.

A release date of August 18, 2013 means this Christmas will see sales explode for the Disney Interactive Publisher with this innovation.


Comparing it to Skylanders, fans will spend a bit more to own this one. The basic package for everything on the market runs a little over $300 on average from any retailer.  Lots of parents find it somewhat pricey for their budget. Though, there is an alternative to this large outlay. Buying in pieces and not the bulk is available.

You will need a starter pack to play the bare basics. Starter packs cost $75. For this fee expect to get the game disc, a play set with three themes and three characters to correspond to the play sets along with one power disc.

Buying separate power discs lets you change characters and the game world in which characters live. Play sets are for sale separately which offer new levels to enhance gameplay. To buy separate characters will also be an added charge. This means other costs on top of the basic package.

Adding extra characters to the bare minimum starter pack is costly. There are ten more figures at $13 apiece. Getting them in a three pack of sidekicks or villains runs a cool $30 each, a savings of $9. At the very least you will get all of these for $112 on top of the starter pack price.

Examples of some play sets sold separate are the Lone Ranger and Cars. Expect to spend another $35 each for two characters per set. They will give a player two new worlds full of tons of more missions. Adding another $70 to the $112 and $75 runs the bill up to $257.

Power discs sell for $5 for a pack of two. There are 20 of these offered at this time. This is another $50 added to the final price tag. This means the total outlay for everything available runs a little over the $300 mark.

Anyone considering buying the add ons or extras will miss out on ingame content only found with the starter pack. This includes treasure chests to unlock and gates which add even more to the Infinity gaming experience.

Additions to the original release in store for the future. Additions means more expenses added as well. How soon and when these are coming has not been discussed.

Positive aspects

There are countless aspects found for your investment. Reviewers give it seven out of ten stars on average. These are some of the positive things people had to share after playing.

There is a brilliant editing menu used to build personal environments.  A menu demonstrates changes to elements by dropping and dragging things like lights, buildings, hills, halls and even textures. It includes literally hundreds of choices. The more choices, the more play time and ingenuity for children to use.

Experienced players feel more at ease playing because of the number of options and choices necessary to get the most benefit out of it.

There are races, arena battles and platform challenges to relish in after building your world. All of which makes your character play a truly unique experience.

Missions from the starter pack are fairly easy to play and incredibly difficult to fail. This is very appealing when trying to attract the less than 10 age group. This also makes life easier when children ask parents to aid with gameplay.

A light weight storyline with great storyline background makes repetition and boredom less likely to happen.

Negative aspects

Any new game or gadget always has some bugs. Of course, a few are larger than others and Infinity has a few. They are fixed and removed based on feedback from buyers. By this Christmas these should no longer be an issue.

Some of the challenges include the 20 minute introduction cycle. This makes it tough to hold some younger players attention and intimidating for a number of parents.

It moves from 20 minutes of detailed instruction to being nearly void of all directions in a small amount of time. This is a complaint from various adults experimenting with it. Adults attempt to understand and comprehend creating game worlds. Lots of children move past this because of personal experience with other gaming platforms.

Only characters from the matching franchises are usable within a given play set.  For an example, Tonto is not able to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean mini missions. This means purchasing the add ons you would otherwise do without.

The ToyBox is a video game space without structure leaving most parents feeling intimidated. This could be more than taxing for smaller children just beginning to play if parents are struggling with it.

According to feedback, there are countless options offered which are barely understood. This is frustrating. Though, this is expected lots of new unfamiliar games just entering the marketplace. Some timid players feel these very overwhelming and shy away.

The negative feedback from Disney admirers surrounds some of the ToyBox gadgets. They complain unlocking this play feature takes an extended amount of time.  They have pointed out the stories (main story and side story) in some events are a bit wobbly or unsteady.

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In conclusion

Nearly all reviewers admit something unique and creative surrounds it.  This makes it extremely attractive. It brings an idea to the table only hinted at with other games. Kids with tenacity and creativity benefit greatly from investing in Infinity and will undoubtedly find hours of enjoyment.

In general fans of games like Minecraft also admit finding gratification from this one when comparing the two with each other. Various reviewers admit less intensity for it when matched against Mojang’s world builder. However, there are more attractive visual graphics but less time spent designing objects than Mojang’s world builder. Spending less time designing objects is more time playing the game and conquering missions.

Lots of fans, kids and their parents, give this new piece of technology the thumbs up. They appreciate the eye grabbing graphics and illustrative toys. The remarkably brilliant creative teaching implements are available through solid gameplay along with solid support when needed.