An App Game with no winner?

I have to admit, when a few of my friends started playing “Draw Something” by OMGPOP, I was skeptical.  I have absolutely no artistic ability.  You could probably produce a better drawing by simply handing a pen and paper to a new born monkey!  Coupled with the rather clunky interface, the game sounded more frustrating than fun.  The only reason I downloaded it to begin with was because it had a free version, so why not?  I now find myself hooked!

 Draw Something has no winner, no loser and really no end.  You take turns painstakingly drawing out words with your finger on a little screen for the person you are playing with to guess.  You can choose from three words, easy, medium, and hard.  Easy words are worth one “coin”, medium words are worth two “coins”, and hard words are worth three.  You get these coins when you, or your playing partner, correctly guesses the word from the drawing.  The coins can be used to purchase new color pallets.  Examples of easy words are things such as “bird” or “tree”.  Words that even someone of limited artistic ability can probably convey with little trouble.  Hard words, on the other hand, can range from “muggle” to “sith”.  Hard words often require a bit of skill in drawing.  When guessing the word, you are given a choice of letters at the bottom of the screen.  Not all of the letters will be used, but all the letters needed to spell the word are provided.  One of the coolest features of Draw Something is the fact that when guessing what a person is drawing, you are seeing them draw the picture from beginning to end.  Remember when you are drawing they are going to see every erase or start over you do.  This can actually help you when guessing the word, as well as be a little embarrassing when you draw like an epileptic monkey like me.

Probably my biggest complaint with the game is the user interface.  Your finger tip is not really a fine tipped instrument and drawing something as simple as a stick figure can be mind numbingly frustrating!  You start with four brush sizes, four eraser sizes and four colors.  That, plus your imagination, is all you have to work with.  It also helps if the person you are playing with is pretty sharp.  One neat feature is the 5 “bombs” they give you at the beginning of the game.  These can be used when it is your turn to draw something, by giving you the option to get new words if the ones provided by the game are not to your liking.  When you are guessing, you can use your bombs to get rid of extra letters, letters not in the answer, from the group they give you to guess with.

Even though, there is no winner or loser in “Draw Something”, the game play is entertaining enough to make you waste away many hours of your life in frustrated enjoyment.  Even competitive people like me can find enough satisfaction in drawing a hard word and getting your playing partner to guess correctly.  Give “Draw Something” a try.  You may find yourself hooked as well!