Equate Positive


Equate pregnancy test price is reasonable

Easy to use


Innacurate equate pregnancy test results

Emotional wear for using the tests

Blue pregnancy tests false positive every time

Full Review

This is the review of equate brand pregnancy test from a woman who recently (within the last 9 months) had a pregnancy scare due to equate brand false positive pregnancy tests. I was on birth control, and had an...incident with forgetting to take my pill one day. So, off to Walmart for a pregnancy test. I decided to try the equate brand (pink test +/-, not blue two line equate test) because, to be honest, they were cheaper than most of the other tests on the shelf, and far outdid first response pregnancy tests in terms of price.

I've done a lot of other pregnancy tests before (other scares, just being a worry wart ect.) so the test was comparable in terms of the equate pregnancy test instructions. Pee on the equate test stick, hold it in your urine stream or a cup of collected urine for 5 seconds. Very basic. I decided to go with a cup just because it was easier than a stick.

Well, imagine my shock when the equate test positive result showed up. Not an equate test faint positive line, but a bright pink no-mistaking-it BFP! I was only 18 at the time, definitely not ready for a baby. Now most would tell me that's my fault and not equate's, but equate sure did put the fear of god in me that night.

After an extremely long night talking with my boyfriend where abortion was brought up (something I still don't like to think about) it was decided that I should go and purchase different pregnancy tests the next morning, just to be sure it was actually the real deal. Well, I went and purchased 20 more pregnancy tests the next morning, including EPT, First Response, Answer, and several more equates.

And as it turned out: only the equate tests positive results showed up. I was still fairly scared, but I decided to test more over the next few months, and only the equate brand continued to show positive pregnancy test results. It's been nine months now since this happened, so I know it wasn't a case of an equate brand sensitivity issue giving me a BFP. It was a case of not being pregnant at all, and being scared out of my mind by Equate brand pregnancy tests. If Walmart wants to use equate pregnancy test positives as an abstinence tool, they've got the formula down.

My final recommendation: I would NOT recommend equate brand pink pregnancy tests in this equate pregnancy test review, or to any woman I meet. The equate pregnancy test had one job: to detect positive pregnancy, and the test did it wrong. It's definitely not worth it for the emotional torment that the equate tests put women through with false positive equate results.

In Closing

I would not recommend equate blue pregnancy tests either, since being blue pregnancy tests, they always seem to give a faint positive no matter what. Stay AWAY from pink equate brand pregnancy tests, as well as blue equate tests. It's worth it to pay a little bit extra for accurate pregnancy test results.