Fifty Shades is a trilogy about Anastasia Steele - a young woman who has just graduated from university who meets Christian Grey - an extremely wealthy 27 year old businessman with a dark side. The two fall in love and begin a rather unorthodox relationship which is largely based around his strange sexual appetite.  The books fall within the erotica genre.

I am sure that it’s not just me that cannot understand what the hype is about with regards to these books. I am an avid reader and I especially love series because it means my relationship with the characters lasts that much longer. When I heard about these new books that everyone was reading I knew that I had to read them as well. So I did. And they were completely shocking. Not because of their content but because of how badly written they were!!

I did in fact end up reading ALL three books, mostly because I just kept hoping that they would get better.

Here is why I did not enjoy the books

  1. Twilight similarities: Apparently the books were originally written as fan fiction linked to the Twilight series which I find confusing because it’s quite obvious that the target market is not the same. The author of these books than supposedly published them as original works but there are still some glaring similarities between the books which is annoying.
  2. Shocking writing: I am certainly not a person that needs books to be written in the manner of the great classic authors but these books were so badly written that it made it hard to really lose yourself in the story.
  3. No storyline – It amazes me that in 3 books there is literally no story line other than the sex life of Christian and Anastasia. The character development is minimal and nothing ever happens.
  4. Repetition – The amount of repetition in these books especially in the sex scenes is excruciating. I literally felt that if Anastasia said “oh my” or if Christian told her not to bite her lip one more time I was going to throw my kindle across the room.
  5. Complete lack of factual correctness – I am aware that this is a fiction book and authors are entitled to stretch the truth but it should have some semblance of reality. I mean, seriously! Who becomes a millionaire by the age of 27??

I respect that people are different and everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I fully encourage anyone who might be intrigued to go ahead and read the books. A word of warning though – you might want to read them in the privacy of your own home. Some of the scenes get a little hot!