Scan and File Software

Filing Software on Desktop

Rack2-Filer is an electronic filing software application. Every now and then a software program comes along that becomes indispensable to its users. This program is just that.

What is it?

Rack2-Filer is e-file software that allows the user to select any PDF document and store it into a custom created virtual file cabinet. That file cabinet then stays right on the desktop. Designed to run with Fujitsu scanners, the program is one that lets the user get rid of paper clutter. The program imports any PDF, not just those created using the FujitFiling Softwaresu PDF Scanner. The advantage of using the Fujitsu scanner is papers scan directly into PDF files and placed into binders. The end of office clutter has arrived! How does it work? The user downloads the filing system software. virtual file cabinet is then set up. Custom created virtual binders that look like physical counterparts live in the file cabinet. PDF documents can then be dragged into the proper binders. Should the user have the Fujitsu PDF scanner, the documents go straight from being scanned into the binder. The virtual binder has the look and feel of a regular file cabinet. The software provides the best of what users love best about their paper world while making use of the wonder of the electronic world.

What features make it great?

The user creates custom tabs within each binder.  For example, in the recipes binder categories for appetizers, main dishes, vegetable sides, etc could be added.  On a business manager note, each employee could be a divider with accompanying information neatly filed for each person.  Sticky notes  add directly on the  PDF pages.  A search feature allows simple locating of files.  A highlighter emphasizes selected text.  The print button allows printing of as many selected pages as desired.

What are the system requirements?

The program is compatible with Windows® operating systems. 

What about the Fujitsu Scanner mentioned?

Fujitsu makes several version of a scanner called Scan Snap.  Models range from portable to desk-top size.  All have a multi-page feed, a great feature.  The ability to scan double-sided documents is a definitive plus.  A favorite aspect of these scanners is that they scan documents directly to a PDF file.  With Rack2-Filer software, those PDFs go directly into a designated binder.