Cosworth EmblemCredit: European CarCosworth engineering was founded in 1958 and they concentrated on high performance racing engines and electronics. They soon built a reputation and became the name to beat. In 1963 rising from very humble beginnings Cosworth entered into the realms of formula one racing. Two teams were supplied with Cosworth engines, Williams and the Scuderia Toro Rosso. Williams opted for the V8 engine whilst the others went for the rev-limited Cosworth V10. In 2007, Cosworth had no engines in the formula one season. However, they had enjoyed a fantastic forty-three years of supremacy. Cosworth have recently rejoined Formula 1 in 2010, supplying engines to Williams once again and others.


Now the association between Ford and Cosworth started in 1966. Cosworth supplied the Ford Motor Company with high performance engines, in particular the all-new 1.6 twin overhead camshaft engine. Add fuel injection and a cam belt joining the cams to the crankshaft and you have a high performance engine possible of 225 BHP in its standard form that would place the Ford motor Company at the forefront of not only motor racing but also the developing hot hatch and saloon private market.


The newer Ford models such as the Granada and Scorpio boast a V8 powerhouse and luxury never seen in the saloon market. They have onboard computers monitoring the exhaust gases and CO2 emissions. These are adjusted automatically as and when power is demanded by the driver. Leather heated seats, electronically adjusted seats, lumber support and air bags are just a few of the extras that accompanied the superior power.


Ford Escort Cosworth(40805)Credit: Ford DenmarkProbably the most loved and remembered Ford Cosworth was the Sierra RS 500 unveiled in the mid 1980’s with the unmistakable whale tail spoiler fitted to the three-door model. The Sierra RS 500 paved the way for all motorcar manufacturers to try to replicate but never succeeded in my opinion. The car was just perfect in style, race pedigree and power. Ford added a turbocharger to the model and they never looked back in all motor sports such as rally, touring cars and their infamous return to Formula 1.


I was lucky to be the proud owner of a Serria RS 500 Cosworth in my youth. Oh how I wish I had kept it for many reasons such as performance, style, road handling, simplicity but for its time revolutionary engineering and power. Not to forget the current value still in the thousands for example a true 1994 RS 500 will cost you in the region of 12.000 pounds if not more. So as you can see they were not only the car to be seen in and enjoy the raw power but seemingly a very good investment. Oh, hindsight is a wonderful skill to posses, if only I had kept my favorite car of all times.


Why don’t you visit your local Ford dealer and check out the Ford Focus Cosworth and see for yourself how modern safety and technology have kept the Cosworth name alive and kicking in 2011.