Kall8 was established by Joel Eisenberg, the founder of ITL International Telecom Ltd. Kall8 basically provides 800 number services that allow users to reroute phone calls to any designated number. Call can be rerouted to your cell phone, home phone, or even a phone on the other side of the globe. Similar to other PBX providers, the features offered by the company are pretty standard. These include inbound faxing, voicemail, call forwarding, automatic attendant, custom routing, and vanity numbers. But there are certain features that set Kall8 apart.

Benefits of Using Kall8
One of the standout aspects of Kall8 is that they let you modify the ring-to number immediately. There’s no need to go though numerous paperwork just to finish the processing. This feature is very useful for frequent travelers and users who need flexibility.

The toll free 800 service can also be controlled and tracked online. Kall8’s interface lets you forward numbers, activate features, view calls, and analyze ad campaigns in an easy-to-use set-up. In addition, Kall8 offers one of the cheapest packages in the market today. The company only charges $2 for the set-up fee and $5/month rates per toll free number.

Features you can expect include the following:
•    Voice mail and fax mailbox
•    Call tracking tools
•    Call blocking and custom call blocking
•    Conference calling
•    Virtual calling card
•    Web call button (lets you receive calls directly from the website)
•    Call notification emails
•    Caller ID
•    Online account management

Downside of Using Kall8
Despite its many benefits, Kall8 has certain flaws that discourage some consumers from using it. For instance, it has come under criticism of its limited range of free services included in the monthly billing. Competing firms offer plans that come packed with a number of features but it is also important to take note that most firms are charging $10+ while Kall8 is only charging $2.
In short, Kall8 wants to offer a stripped-down toll free service at the cheapest price possible.

Customers who need more can still get optional services. Additional features available from the company include the following (fees may apply):
•    Call recording
•    PBX integration
•    Payphone blocking
•    Call announcement (lets you know which phone number was called and the ad that the caller responded to)

Given the pros and cons provided above, you finally have a better idea whether Kall8 would suit your needs. Overall, Kall8 offers a great solution if you run a small business but receive only a limited number of calls. The service is reliable and you will get an email notification whether a call or fax is received.  Fax messages will arrive as PDF attachments.

Voice mail notifications happen in real time. For people who need to retrieve voice messages, this can be sent over to you as an email attachment in.wav format. It is also possible to access messages on the Kall8 interface. Lastly, the web call button provides a great advantage for people who run a company online. When visitors click on the button, Kall8 initiates the call for live support.