There are a number of persons who find they like to use a cosmetic enhancer under their makeup foundation. This is generally found in the form of a primer. Apply this directly to your face as a sort of conditioner for your skin before putting on your complete cosmetic regiment. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance is an excellent one which reduces shine, but leaves a velvet feel. It adds so much more to your skin than many people realize.

By adding ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A, C and E nearly all users noted an added enhancement to the moisture improvement they felt as one of the biggest benefits with use. Though this is one great pro to using the item, there are several others.  This article has an overall detailed review of this merchandise for your appraisal along with both advantages and disadvantages discussed by users.

This beauty enhancing aid is excellent for a number of reasons. Any person using it will have their own personal viewpoint of why it works or does not work well for them.


This is a wonderful invention for those winter months when skin takes a beating from outside weather conditions. This is especially true for the face. This one differs from similar types of cosmetics because it is free of silicone and paraben. It makes an invisible barrier of protection against the elements which are harsh and will affect how you look and feel. Makeup also gets an added lift to stay fresher throughout a long day of wear.

Many people are getting the opportunity to try it as a sample when buying a similar product from the same company. Nordstrom’s has sent their customers free trials after buying any product with the same Brand name.

A number of personal opinions  left all around the web have admitted there is a natural looking glow after you apply it.  Out of five stars the average shopper gives it a four to four and a half stars which is wonderful. It is available in several various sizes and prices, making it work for a variety of budgets.

Most people admit the top three reasons they appreciate it is for the protection it gives against the weather elements, added needed vitamins received and the option to use less foundation when applying other items to their face. More importantly, when you use one, other beauty applications have a tendency to go on smoother and stay looking fresher longer.

The glitter edge to a lot of these kinds of items is something 40 plus customers typically like to stay away from. Using this particular one they get the same terrific results minus the glitter which is an added plus.

Users that are more mature in age or need added moisture are able to get it in a formula which adds more hydration. Winter plays havoc on lots of skin types, no matter what your age and users living in colder climates really enjoy the extra moist invention. Even drier climate customers admit getting something extra using this particular variety of foundation primer.

It is available in varieties that include color or no color. Try it to discover how to make products in your collection go on smoother, stay longer and give the perfect finish. All of this in addition to the extra conditioning feeling you will receive from the supplementary oils and vitamin ingredients make this particular invention unique.

You can even put the unique formula on when wearing a small bit of cosmetics or nothing to simply give a little love and attention your skin deserves. The more attention, love and care you give it the more attractive you look and feel.


A few customers did complain of several disadvantages they noticed. The ingredients separated after a couple of weeks. It seems as if the oils and vitamins divided inside of the container from the other ingredients. Several sank to the bottom of the container while others remained at the top.

One reviewer admitted that she believed she had a defective bottle which was one of a kind or unique in the manufacturing process. However, after exchanging it the same thing occurred. Neither reviewer shared if they used it daily or if they stored it correctly in a cool, dry and dark place.

Several other customers disclosed the price is a little more than competitive when compared with similar ones. Deciding whether to pay the extra cost makes getting a sample of it extremely nice. A trial size free of charge lets you know beforehand if you are willing to pay the extra dollars for the full size goods.

Users over 60 with little or no fine lines or wrinkles and great facial tone, didn’t notice a great difference between it and similar marketplace favorites.

In conclusion

Most users found satisfaction buying this particular beauty aid. Although slightly more expensive, the benefits gained are worth it. With a rating of four out of five stars in nearly all circumstances the investment is worth it for anyone needing that extra attention this invention brings by adding conditioning benefits under foundation products.

More importantly the most positive reviews came from users who enjoy the look of little or no makeup which works great with this Laura Mercier foundation primer.

this is an excellent brand compared to a number of different beauty products in the marketplace today

a customers opinion on the product