There are several leading players in the field of the vacuum cleaner, and as a consumer you really want to get the vacuum that meets your needs best, as they are expensive domestic tools. The Eureka Vacuum brand is amongst these top-ranking companies and the reviews suggest that this is indeed a place well earned.

When seeking the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs you will find they come in three distinct categories, and Eureka is no exception, having a wide range of cleaners in all three of these categories. The first category is the most popular. This is the upright cleaner. Generally easier to store and to manage, the upright cleaner can be found in most homes. The best selling upright from the Eureka Vacuum brand is the 8470MZ Boss Smart Vac, which has been specifically designed to target the increasing number of allergy sufferers and is an excellent marketing ploy. The number of children with asthma and allergies is on the increase, so if a vacuum can help prevent dust in the home it is going to appeal to the parents.

This is a bagged vacuum cleaner, not a bag-less cleaner, and this again is another massive division in the vacuum world. The newer bag-less cleaners were brought in to modernize the standard bagged cleaners that had always been made previously, which made emptying the unit when full a piece of cake by simply removing the container in the vacuum and emptying into a refuse bag. However, those that prefer the bagged version argue that the dust particles are released from the canister when emptied. At least with a bag, once removed from the vacuum cleaner the bag still sealed can be placed straight into the trash and no dust released back into the room

This is the thinking behind this Eureka upright, and they stick with the bag and the added technology of the hepa filters, which also gives rise to their claim that 99.97% of dust and allergens are trapped. One of the other most popular vacuum cleaner types is the hand held cleaner. These are ideal if you have a small area to keep clean, or do not have a lot of storage, or want to be able to easily move the cleaner up and down stairs.

The 71B is Eureka's best vacuum cleaner: its hand held cleaner and is massively popular in its field, as well as the small head unit, which makes light work of stairs, furniture etc. It also comes with the much valued crevice tool, allowing you to unwind the hose from the unit and use the smaller tools to get into more awkward nooks and crannies.

Finally there is the steamer cleaner, a small unit that makes cleaning hard floors a breeze as it also sanitizes them which is ideal for crawling babies and young children and especially if there are pets in the home using the floors as well. The Eureka offers the Envirosteamer for this job, and again this is a popular unit that sells well. It uses only hot water and no harsh chemicals, which is good for the environment and better for the health of the family.