MyBlogGuest has established itself as a site that brings publishers and writers together. Authors offer quality articles to publishers free of charge. In return, one or two links to the author's web site are included with the article. This is a great way for both publishers and authors to benefit.

Publishers always need good quality content for their web sites. While they may have staff to write articles, they can use material from MyBlogGuest. The site offers an article gallery which lists content according to a number of categories. These include Entertainment, Lifestyle, General and more. The titles of articles are shown which gives a general indication of the content. If the title seems appealing to the publisher's web site, an offer to publish can be extended to the author. There is no limit to the number of offers that may be extended to authors. Some publishers may want to request up to 10 or so articles at a time due to the time that it takes to physically publish content.

Publishers may also use the forum area of MyBlogGuest. There articles are offered to publishers either as general material or arrangements can be made to obtain customized work. There are forums for both publishers and authors. Publishers post that their hosting site will accept articles. Authors post that they have articles to release. An arrangement is made between the two parties. There is little involvement from MyBlogGuest except to bring the two parties together.

The article gallery, on the other hand, gives a degree of control to both parties. Authors place articles in the directory in the appropriate category. Once in the gallery, the article is available for review by publishers. There is an ability to preview the article. When a publisher sees an article that they like, they click the "offer" button. This puts a reserve on the article so that no other publisher can have rights to the article. The author would review the publisher's web site and either accept the offer, reject or ignore it. After a certain amount of time, (1 or 2 weeks), a publisher's offer is automatically expired.

When a publisher offers to publish an article, and the author accepts the offer, then new buttons become active for the publisher. These allow the publisher to obtain the full text of the article. Once it is published, another button allows the URL of the content to be recorded on MyBlogGuest. The publisher can also leave a comment for the a author and a like/dislike rating.

MyBlogGuest works to bring publishers and authors together. All articles provided to web hosts are declared to be unique and of high quality. Each article is only to be published once. The publishers get access to content from a variety of writers on topics that pertain to various topics. Authors get access to more web sites allowing a wider distribution of their work. Authors get rewarded by having a link published with the article back to a web page of the author's choosing. By offering quality work in various categories, authors get the chance to have their work picked up by various important web hosts.

There are now over 20,000 members of MyBlogGuest and hundreds of articles waiting for publication in the gallery. Well over 20,000 articles have been published through the gallery feature. The gallery is reserved for paying members of the site. Each pays $20 per month. Publishers are not required to pay to receive content. All authors may offer their work in the forum area without paying.

Publishers should note that it can take time to receive notices of acceptance of publishing offers. When an offer is accepted, an email comes through and the site changes the offer status to "accepted". The publisher then can take the content and move it to their web hosting area. Unfortunately, the offer process works less in the forum area. Many times authors and publishers come together only to have one or the other party back out of the deal. Since there is no money involved, there is usually no problem, luckily.

MyBlogGuest is an interesting concept, one that really works to provide quality content to publishers. Both publishers and authors should check out the site to see if they can boost either their web content or the range of distribution of their work.