The No! No! by Radiancy claims to painlessly remove body hair, leave skin smooth, and reduce the frequency and amount of hair that grows back. For most women, and men, this sounds too good to be true. Going weeks without needing to shave your legs or face would be wonderful, however, does it work as well as they claim? Here is my experience with the No! No!. 


The No! No! is currently retailing at just under $300. This seemed kind of expensive to me so I did a little math before I ordered it. For my current razor it costs approximately 4 dollars for a new head that I change about every 2 weeks. That's 10 dollars a month and right around 120 dollars a year. So, if the No! No! works as well as the website says, in about 3 years it will have paid for itself. This seemed acceptable, especially if I could go weeks to months without needing to shave. 


Unfortunately, when my system came in, I found out that the Thermicon tips need to be replaced occasionally and range from $25-$30. Still its really not too bad if it works as well as the company claims. I have now had my No! No! for two months and I have not had to replace the tips yet. 

No! No!

Easy to Use?

Radiancy claims that the No! No! is easy to use at home. It is quite easy, once you get the hang of it. It took me a couple of weeks to get the correct way down. The system has safety features that shut it off if you are not holding it at the right angle, putting too much (or not enough) pressure on it, and if you are not moving it at the correct speed. At first it took me 2.5 hours to use it on my legs. I will admit I was slightly frustrated because of how often it would shut off, however, now that I know how to properly use it, the system only shuts off when I want it to. 

Is it Painless?

Radiancy also claims that the system is painless. This is true, providing you are using it on the right setting and the correct way. While the system does shut off most of the time when you do something wrong, it is still possible to burn yourself. I have burned myself twice in the three months that I have owned mine and both times were while I was still learning how to use it.

Thermicon Tips for No! No!


Another time when the process can be painful is when you have the setting too high. The No! No! has 3 settings and it is always best to start out on the lowest. You can work your way up as long as you are comfortable, if a setting makes the procedure painful or too hot, then you need to turn it back down. As long as you only set it as high as your skin can handle, you'll be pain-free. 

Does it Work?

Radiancy claims that after about 4-6 weeks of use, you will see a difference in the thickness, amount, and speed of growth for your body hair. Before I started using the system I shaved my legs daily. When I started using my system I had to use it 3 times a week. Now 3 months later I use it about every 10 days. I am already seeing a huge improvement. 

Venus Embrace Razor


  • relatively painless
  • reduces frequency of body hair growth
  • reduces amount of body hair growth
  • body hair that grows back is thinner and softer
  • easy to clean


  • the smell (burning hair)
  • time consuming at first
  • can be frustrating to begin using
  • takes about 1-2 months before results are visible

Overall, in my opinion, the good aspects of the No! No! outweigh the bad. While the smell is unpleasant and it can be time-consuming to learn how to use, it is still great to have smooth skin for long periods of time. The results I am getting from my system are equivalent to professional waxing, and far less expensive! I hope this review helps anyone who considers purchasing the product to make an informed decision.