Ember Featured on Right


-A year-round smell that is not season-specific
-Looks good with contemporary or vintage style
-Lasts for months
-Available at Pier 1 outlets all over the country


-They cost approximately $12 each
-Keep away from small children, as the liquid can pour out if tipped.

Full Review

I purchased the Pier 1 Imports Ember reed diffuser during December 2009 from a local store. I liked this scent because it has a flare of cinnamon and a bite to it, but it isn't too intense or full of floral to overwhelm a person, or the room. According to their website, it is a mix of oranges, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, amber, precious woods and vanilla. It was the perfect pick for the holidays, but never goes out of season. I put it in a four-roomed suite (living room, bedroom, small common space, and bathroom). It was on the far end of the living room. Throughout the remaining five months I lived there, the reed diffuser remained fresh and by flipping the reeds once a month the scent was strong and comfortable. Every time someone entered the suite they talked about how good my space smelled.

When I moved at the beginning of May 2010, the reed diffuser came with me and I placed it in my sun room where I have a desk and other office supplies. Though it does not keep the entire large apartment smelling like ember, the room smells fantastic and stays that way. It still has over a half inch of liquid left and the smell has not been compromised. The amber brown color and clear glass are great additions to any decor, whether it be a soft vintage or contemporary style.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a way to freshen their space with a product that is not an eye sore and smells fantastic for months.

In Closing

Overall, this is a quality product for the amount of money and lasts for months.