• Very low cost for device
  • Roku updates device frequently and adds new channels
  • Passively cooled and well ventilated for no noise
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Connect over Wifi or Ethernet
  • Supports standard and HD TVs


None, this device works perfectly and is very feature rich. I highly recommend it.

Full Review

The ROKU Digital Video Player has become an essential part of my household entertainment center since I purchased it over a year ago. Over time ROKU has made several changes to the interface to optimize it and make it very user friendly. The device is a small box, well ventilated, and about 5 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches in size with a very simple remote for easy usability by any family member at any age.

ROKU offers several channels for the device ranging from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Pandora Music, Flixster, and several more. Within the interface it is very easy to add and remove channels to your liking, and switching between channels is very easy via use of the remote.

For the Netflix station, with the new interface you can easily manage your queue and add new movies to your queue directly within the Roku Netflix channel. The Netflix interface will pull information from your account to show you movies that are similar to your tastes for easy finding of new movies. Once a movie has been selected you can choose to watch it immediately, or add it to your queue to watch later. After selecting to watch a movie the player takes about 5-10 seconds to download a buffer and will begin playing a high quality video stream over your internet connection allowing you to enjoy thousands and thousands of movies directly from Netflix. The best feature in the Netflix interface is the ability to resume any movie from where you left off, without having to search for it the point that you stopped at.

For the Amazon Video on Demand section you can Rent or Purchase new movies directly from Amazon's servers at very reasonable prices. Purchased movies are kept in your own personal online database and rentals are streamed and can be watched or resumed over a specified period, usually 1-2 days. The selection of movies from Amazon can be a little slim, but there have been plenty of times we have used their service to watch a newer DVD released without having to drive out and rent a disc.

Overall, the ability to watch endless amounts of movies from Netflix with just a small $8.99 plan has definitely made this device essential for our family. The kids love how easy it is to use and they can watch all of their favorite cartoons that are available from Netflix anytime they want. There are a few Roku DVPs to select from their site, with all having varying benefits and features over the others.

In Closing

For the cost of a cheap DVD player and a cheap $9 a month netflix subscription you can get a ton of enjoyment for you and your family from this device. Roku has really made a winner!