Great for DIYers - Thermaltake V3 Black Case

Like many of you out there, I don't have a ton of cash to spend on a new PC, so I opt to build my own as a DIYer. This way I know what components are going into my new PC instead of potentially lower grade equipment from OEMs. So when looking for a computer case, I want something that will last but won't take up too much of my budget. In addition, one of my goals in building a new PC is the ability to have room to upgrade and/or add more components down the road. 

The computer case that became my case of choice for my latest desktop PC build is the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Computer Case (VL80001W2Z). It fit the bill for the variety of factors that I was looking for in addition to my price point of under $50. In fact, check out some of the other computer cases on Amazon under $50 I considered here. Sure, I could have spent more cash and bought a cheap full tower to have plenty of space long-term, but I prefer the size of a mid tower all around. Now let's move on to the good, the bad and....well....the other stuff. 

First off, let me cover some of the better points. There are spots located throughout the case for up to six 120mm fans! I have a total of 4 fans running with blue LEDs and at night it gives the room a nice illusion of somewhere tropical. OK, so that's a stretch given the only thing tropical about my office is the crumbs on the floor feel like sand. Another great thing about the case is the multiple drive bays. I have two hard drives in the case now and the positioning of the front case fan blows air nicely over the drives. I would opt NOT to use the quick connects supplied in the case for the hard drives and instead use hardware to secure them to the case. Also, the front case fan should go just in front of the hard drives and NOT behind the front cover. You should only have to take off the front cover to screw in the front case fan.

It would be easy for me to just list what I like about the case, but that wouldn't be a fair review. On the downside, I was disappointed that the clear side window was so small. When I did my research I only included cases with a clear side window, but I failed to check closely the size of the window. If it were not for the multiple mesh patterns in the case for the case fans I wouldn't even list this case as having a clear side window. In addition, the space between my motherboard and the top case fan spots doesn't have enough clearance for standard 120mm fans. I'm going to have to buy slim case fans if I need more cooling in this PC. 

Lastly, another nice feature to this case was that it came with a rear blue LED case fan built-in! I bought 2 blue LED case fans anyway for extra cooling, but having a third was a bonus! Most cases in this price range have front USB connections, but I thought I would mention them anyway since it can be a great time saver. Another nice feature about this case is the styling and the weight. My old case was a bit heavier and it had more plastic! This case has a lot more metal to it than my old case, and yet it is still fairly light. 

When I'm building a desktop PC I would rather put the high dollars into the CPU and motherboard than the case, so I try to keep it under $50. There are so many options to choose from when buying a computer case. Just check out all your options on Amazon for Computer Cases under $50.  I chose this case for a number of reasons, but I must say I'm pleased with the fan options, drive bays and the styling. The case has its drawbacks, but for DIYer and someone who may need options for upgrading in the future this case will work well.