While Toktumi may not provide every web-communication service there is, but what it does, the company over delivers. Virtual PBX services with sophisticated call processing, audio conferencing, and a dedicated business number all comes with the package. The price of the service is fair at around $14.95 per month for unlimited calling to PSTN numbers within North America. Overseas rates are affordable as well at two cents a minute (for some Pac Rim countries, most western countries, and China).

Pros of Using Toktumi
•    Consistent Quality – the company provides consistent quality standards for over-the-net VoIP calls. Toktumi’s service is easy to set up and it works as a soft phone with downloadable PC software. It can also be used remotely via a designated mobile phone to check voicemails, make calls, and change settings. This will help you avoid expensive phone rates on the go.
•    Easy to Set Up – if you prefer to use a conventional phone set instead of Toktumi with headset, USB adapters are available in the company’s Web store and other establishments for around $20. It works with almost any type of phone. Just plug the adapted to your PC and then plug the phone. It is possible to take both PSTN and Toktumi calls by plugging a landline jack into the adapter.
•    Practical Features – Toktumi has a number of PBX features such as call routing, auto attendant, limited find-me-follow-me capabilities, and voicemail as emails. If you don’t require these features, it might be better for you to stay with Skype by getting a SkypeIn number.
Cons of Using Toktumi
•    Limited Sharing Capabilities – unlike other web-based communication services, Toktumi does not offer web conferencing, video, chat, and file sharing. Although the company reveals that both chat and video capabilities are on “the roadmap”, the company by and large prefers to keep the service simple and straightforward.
•    Complicated Contact Upload – most users manually enter their contact at Toktumi’s portal site. But if you use Outlook, your contact list can be uploaded as a comma-separated file. The uploading process is rather cumbersome because you need to repeat the process every time you want to add a contact. Toktumi can also use your Outlook data. The program will return a list and you need to right click the number you want. This is not the most seamless integration so many users prefer to upload their files.

Overall, the call processing capability offered by the company is more than enough for most small business requirements. It is also easy to set-up an auto attendant with custom outgoing messages (in the portal). As part of the process, you can create “extensions” that will forward calls to designated numbers. This is the part when you create “Press one to reach accounting, Press two to reach customer service, etc.”

The selling proposition of Toktumi mainly lies in the call quality it provides over public internet. This is especially impressive given the affordable price that the company charges for the service. Consider looking through the packages offered by the company to see if they meet your requirements.

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