Triond is a publishing and writing website, not unlike associated content, that allows it's users to publish information on just about any conceivable topic. It is a good website for people who are starting out and want to make some money online. This article will detail the pros and cons of writing for Triond and give an in depth review of how worth a website it is.

Triond allows it's users to publish information over night. They are a reputable website and have a great editorial staff which will review your content usually in no longer than 24 hours which is great for people who want to do mass amounts of publishing. The downside to Triond is that they do not allow you to publish any personal links on your article.

The way you make money with Triond is you publish a piece of work and the company pays you based on page views. The amount you make per page view is not clear. The website claims that you can make money based on their contextual advertising that surrounds your published work. When people visit your article and click on their links, you get a payment. Depending on how many people actually visit your articles determines how much you make.

Triond is a good site to write for if you want to earn lifetime royalties on your work. The downside to Triond is that after a few months of exposure on their website, your page views decrease dramatically. It seems that your content is distributed widely amongst their partners, but the exposure does not last long. Usually you will tend to see your earning decrease at least twenty percent each month that you do not publish more content. This is not good for people who plan to make a long term income from writing. It seems that the only way to really make money on this website is to get people to read your material and to generate a huge following or to post on social book marking sites for more exposure.

This is not like Associated Content, which seems to keep a steady stream of visitors to your content for a very long time. This could be due to the fact that Triond and Associated Content have different popularity ratings among the search engines, as well as page ranks. In my opinion, a site like Associated Content is a better choice for publishing material. Another downside of Triond, is that your content has to be unique and not published anywhere else on the internet. I give Triond a 2.5 out of 5 star rating for accessibility and ease of use, but not for profitability.