I was looking to enhance the performance of my Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck, for those that don’t know what the Lincoln Mark LT is; it is considered a luxury 4 wheel truck and houses a powerful V8 engine, it's quite sporty and is really a pet love of mine.  Almost by accident I came across a review of an air filter (The K&N 63-2556 Air Charger Air Kit) that promised increased horsepower and quicker acceleration, this is what I was after, my only concern was the high price of the product so I decided to do a bit of investigating and see if it was worth purchasing.  

Straightaway my searches took me the main site of the product namely K&N Engineering; this is the company that claims to produce the world’s best air filters.  Boy, the range of air filters and air intake kits are expensive but it’s hard pressed to find a negative review of any of their products. Virtually all of their testimonials are very positive even on neutral websites.  After visiting several sites I’ve seen enough to convince me to purchase the air charger kit so I whip out my credit card and place my order.

I’m not a mechanic so I was apprehensive about fitting the air charger kit but fortunately there are detailed instructions included which were helpful to me although the diagrams were in black and white and a little basic, some color photos would have been a nice improvement.  With a little persevering I was able to have the air charger kit fitted in just under two hours which is a bit more then was suggested by the blurb of ninety minutes but I took my time and wasn’t in a hurry.  

K&N 63-2556 Air Charger Air Intake(50273)Credit: Amazon.comIt certainly is an unusual looking piece of kit with the air filter being a cone shape with a largish molded tube coming from the air filter which is angled to fit your vehicle.  Now the air charger is fitted the moment of truth had arrived.  It was time to switch on the ignition and give it a test.  Wow what a sound! Flooring the pedal to the high revs immediately produced a much deeper and more menacing roar, this wasn’t my main reason for purchasing but if you like a big sound then this definitely delivers.  The next test and the main reason for buying were to see if it did indeed give me more acceleration and more horsepower.  

To start with I was disappointed, but of course like most things it needs to be bedded in before you start to see any benefits.  So after a couple of days it was time to see if the promise of quicker acceleration is true.  I performed a few tests before the new air filter was fitted so I had a benchmark to go by, nothing fancy, just a few 0-60mph test runs on a straight bit of road.  Before the air charger was fitted I was getting on average 9.5 seconds from zero to sixty now after the air charger was installed I was averaging 8.6 seconds, quite a difference just from an air intake kit. Concerning horsepower I had no way of testing whether there was a difference before or after the air charger was fitted as I don’t tow anything but if the reviews are anything to go by then there will definitely be an increase in horsepower.  Some buyers have even found their fuel consumption has improved too with a slight increase in their vehicles mpg although this claim isn’t backed by the company.  

So what makes the K&N 63-2556 Air Charger Air Intake Kit so impressive?  It’s all in the design, the cone shaped air filter and the molded tube allows for greater air flow into the engine with less turbulence, in fact the design almost eliminates any air flow restriction.  Heat shields are also included with the air intake kit that keeps it protected from the high engine temperature and lowers the air temperature going into the engine which translates into greater horsepower.  K&N engineering must be pretty confident with their products as you get a limited million mile warranty and they are designed to last 100,000 miles before needing a service.  In fact the air filter itself is washable and can be reused so in theory the air intake kit should last the lifetime of your vehicle.I’m very impressed with the K&N 63-2556 Air Charger Air Kit, it does improve my acceleration and gives a big roar and will pay for itself many times over, highly recommended.