Totem Star Lite


The game is free
Great sound effects and music


Can be hard to control with your finger

Full Review

A fun Windows Phone game can be hard to find at times. The one reviewed today though is a real gem, and best of all it's completely free. Totem Star Lite is a straightforward but fun puzzle game for the Windows 6.1 and 6.5 platform. Totem Star Lite works perfectly on the WVGA resolution, and as an enthusiastic gamer who loves the new WVGA devices, and games that work on these phones I just had to do a review of this puzzle game.

This WVGA game(and other resolutions) is available for free via the developer website € “ Touch Dimensions. Where you can download the game as a .cab file to install on your phone. The game in cab format can be either downloaded directly to your mobile phone or copied over through your operating system with Bluetooth or Active Sync. This WVGA game needs you have Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 running on your Windows Mobile Smartphone device. You can find it by searching around in the search engines or the Microsoft site.

This WVGA Games that some time ago was known as € œDream Catcher €  but for unknown reason was renamed to Totem Star Lite. In this game you lead the destiny of your fellow tribesmen through the stars or so say the creators of the game. Totem Star is set in the Native American desert sunset. The goal of the game is to Lasso stars of similar color or shape. Also you can make combination in as the authors say € ˜an infinite variety of patterns € ™ which in the real world will most likely be quite finite. But there are a lot of combinations possible and a lot to be found out in the game play.

Totem Star Lite is easy to start playing, and you will find out soon that the game is much deeper as it seems to be from the start. The goal of the game is to make certain patterns from the stars that appear in the nightly heavens. The patterns can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Just below a totem pole that you have to fill up to have your fellow tribesmen build more buildings, which results into a new goal and a higher score.
Sometimes a certain star color is not available and you can make combinations to force it to spawn and complete your goal. The combinations you can make in the game can be read on Touch Dimensions website that you can find through any search engine.

The game play is fun, and keeps you busy for quite some time. The background tunes are is very nice and the entire atmosphere of the game is just perfect. These days finger friendly applications and games are really hot. But because of how the game is made it' € ™s often better to use the stylus. The patterns you have to draw can be quite small and thus your finger can be in the way. The game is fine to play with a finger if you are not that worried about getting the best high score that day. In the options menu of the game you can view your current high score and toggle between sounds/music disabled or enabled. Other than that it⠀ ™s just a great entertaining WVGA game that works on all devices it was tested on, QVGA and more. Make sure you try out this great and best of all ⠀ “ free game.

In Closing