A brief overview of iWriter

iWriter is one of the freelance writing website that I use to make money with. It is an upfront paying website and I have been writing on and off for them for about one year. If you are looking for a new freelance writing website to check out, then you may want to have a look at iWriter. When compared to other freelance writing websites iWriter has some pros, but it does also have some cons. In this article I will point out both the good and the bad.

Good things about writing for iWriter

Great site for newbies as well as experienced writers

iWriter is a dream for someone who has very little writing experience. When you initially join them as a writer you will fill in basic information such as your name and so forth. There is no writing skills test given to you to see if you have the writing talent for them.  To tell you the truth, it is the first freelance writing website that I have ever experienced that does not do this. Approval to become a writer is as simple as it gets, and you can begin writing your first article almost immediately.

For newbies in the freelance writing industry this site is a dream come true. Even though you may not feel confident about your writing skills, you are still able to get paid for your articles. We have all heard that practice makes perfect. Though no writer will ever be perfect, practice will certainly improve someones writing skills. Lots of other freelance writing sites will not give you the chance to work with them. iWriter will give you that chance that you need.

Experienced writers will also find iWriter as another dependable freelance writing website. Even though you may be writing somewhere else, there is always room for other freelance writing sites to work for. There is always plenty of work and iWriter rewards their best writers with higher pay.

Good things about writing for iWriter

Lots of work

On of the things that nobody can ever put iWriter down for is the amount of work that they offer to their writers. There has never been one time that I have logged on to the site and not seen any work. If you have written for other freelance writing sites before, you know that work can get slow sometimes. It is not uncommon to log in to a freelance writing website and see no work at all.

iWriter always has work available no matter what level of a writer you are. There are many subjects that you can write about based on the clients specified keyword. I have written about all sorts of things for iWriter. I will usually look for a subject that I have some knowledge about so that there is no research to be done. If there is nothing that I have knowledge about, I will choose something that I will not mind doing a little research on. The site always keeps their writers busy!

Good things about writing for iWriter

Special request and tips

As you write for different article requesters, some of them will add you to their favorites list. When they put out mor articles to be written they may send you a special request to be written for them. It is always advised to write these articles first before you do any other work. The pay for special request are a bit more than regular orders. Also, if the special requester liked your article that you had written for them in the past then there is a better chance that they will like your new articles that you write for them. This in turn will lead to a 4 or 5 star rating as you move your way up the ladder.

Tips are also something that you will want to be aware of. If you impress someone with your article, they always have an option of sending you an extra tip for you work. This is a wonderful option that iWriter has and it can really add to the money you earn. Some people are regular tippers for great articles and some never tip. If they do not tip you, do not take it personal. It is not required for them to tip and is only there as option for them.

Bad things about writing for iWriter

The amout you are paid to write articles

There is one simple reason that people freelance and that is to earn money. Although most people do not earn a full time income writing, there are some that do. I will tell you this, making a full time living writing for iWriter is for only a select few. Most people who write for iWriter do so for extra money in their pocket. There is nothing wrong with this of course. Who wouldn't appreciate an extra $200 to $1000 a month in their pocket.

So how much does iWriter pay? As a standard writer you are paid $1.01 for a 150 word article, $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article, $4.05 for a 700 word article and $6.07 for a 1000 word article. I will agree with you that it is not very good pay at all. If you are a good writer though things to get better. Once you graduate to a premier writer the pay goes up for your work.

As a premier writer on iWriter you will earn much more than standard writers. You must have a 4.0 star rating to be a premier writer. A 150 word article will pay $1.62, 300 words will pay $3.24, 500 words will pay $4.05, 700 words will pay $5.27 and 1000 words will pay $8.10. So as you can see things to get much better here. I am currently a premier writer on the site but to me the pay is still to low. The way I look at it is like this, you can call me a premier writer to try and make me feel good, but if the pay is still on the low end I am not going to be happy with it. I write for another freelance writing website and am on the lowest level there since I a new, but I still get paid more than what I am paid on iWriter as a premier writer!

Now that I let that out, let's talk about the next level. The best writers at iWriter are at the elite writer level. To be an elite writer you must maintain a 4.6 to 5.0 star rating. Pay for an elite writer is $3.50 for 150 words, $5.67 for 300 words, $8.10 for 500 words, $10.13 for 700 words and $14.99 for a 1000 word article. As you can see, the pay does get reasonable if you can get to the elite writer status.

Bad things about writing for iWriter

30 articles needed to become a premier writer

When you start writing on iWriter you will be a standard writer. Everyone begins at this level and must prove that they deserve to move up the ranks as a premier writer or elite writer. This is fine and dandy as a writer should prove their writing skills if they want to get paid more for their work.

How is a writer ranked? After you write an article you are ranked on your article from one star to five stars. It is not iWriter that will rank you for your work. The client that you are writing the article for is the one who will rank your work. This could be a good thing or bad thing for a writer. If you have lots of spelling problems or other grammar issues you are probably better off with the client rating your work. Remember, they are not expert writers and may not catch all of the writing mistakes you make. If they like the way the article sounds and it has a good flow to it, they may give your article a good ranking despite your spelling or grammar errors. Of course we are talking about you writing a decent article here. If your article is filled with one mistake after another you will have problems. When a freelance website ranks your articles they have professional editors ranking them. They will take points off for improper punctuation use, capitalization errors, comma usage, spelling errors and other grammar issues.

A standard writer is anyone with a star rating that is 3.9 or lower. To reach the premier writer level you must reach a 4.0 star rating. Elite writers must have a 4.6 to 5.0 star rating. This all sounds great, but the bad thing about all of this is that you must write 30 articles first before you can move on up to the premier writer level. You might be a super great writer , but you can only accept the lower standard writer projects for your first 30 articles. Once you reach 30 articles you will be placed at a higher writer level if your star ranking is good enough. To make matters worse, sometimes you may have to write more than 30 articles because some of the clients does not rank your articles after you write them. So you may have to write more like 35 articles. It is safe to say that you need 30 ratings before you can be promoted as a writer and not 30 articles.

This just in: There is something that iWriter has come up with just this week to try and solve this problem. They now have what is called the Fast Track Program. New writers who are anxious to reach the premier or elite writer level can now take a shortcut by proving their writing skills. A new writer can now become a premier or elite writer within one day. Those who apply for the Fast Track Program will have to prove themselves by writing three articles based on the keywords that are provided. iWriter will rank the articles and based on those three reviews a writer will be placed at the proper level based on their writing skills. Of course there is a price to be paid here for this service. The application fee is $147 to apply. Those who do apply better pass because I personally would not ever pay somebody that much money for a service like this. Even if I was 100% guaranteed to pass it I would not apply. There is just no reason for it and it is not worth it to me. Of course there will be people who will find the Fast Track Program useful and it is a good thing that iWriter offers this service for those that want to use it.

Bad things about writing for iWriter

Clients (article requesters) have to much power

One of the things I must point out here is that I have been on both sides of iWriter. I understand things from a writers point of view, but I also understand things from an article requesters point of view.

When you send an article to the requester they can deny the article for no particular reason. They can just say that they did not like it. Actually, they do not have to give any reason at all. You could write the most perfect article and they can still reject the article. This is one of the main things I do not like about iWriter.

On some other freelance sites it is mandatory that they give a good reason for denying the article. The freelance site will then take a look at the article that the writer wrote and if it really is a bad article they will accept the requesters request to have it rejected. For instance, if the article is full of spelling and grammar errors or completely off the topic that was requested it would be acceptable to reject it. If the article is decent though and on topic, the freelance writer site will not let the article requester reject it and they must pay the writer for their time spent writing the article. This is why I will never write a 1000 word article at iWriter. I prefer to stick to the 500 word articles just in case an article is rejected.

When a writer is searching for an article to write, he or she will notice that the requesters name is shown next to the article request. Under the article requesters name, the number of articles that the requester has approved in the past is displayed as well as the number of articles that they have rejected. It will also calculate the figures and show an acceptance percentage.

Some of these percentages are just straight out ridiculous. It is not uncommon to see article requesters that have a 20% or 30% approval rate. I will usually bypass these requesters. I remember one time I was going to write an article about a subject I am very knowledgable about. I figured that I would be able to write it real quick. I was about to accept it but then noticed this requesters approval rate. They had a 3% approval rate and had denied hundreds of articles. I quickly changed my mind about writing an article for them. At this time,  I had never been on the requesters side and just thought that this person was as picky as can be. I now have other thoughts about this.

When you are someone requesting articles on iWriter, you get to see the article that the writer wrote for you on your screen. You cannot steal the article by a simple copy and paste as the function will not work. There are other ways to steal a writers article though. I will not tell how though for the vast majority of people out there who do not know how. I think stealing someones work and not paying them for it is the worst thing you can do. I know for a fact that some of these article requesters are stealing articles because I had an article rejected, and a few weeks later I did a Google search with keywords from my article. Guess what I saw? That's right! My article sitting on a nice looking site. There was a contact link on the site and I let them have a piece of my mind. My article was off of their site the next day. So when you see article requesters with very low approval rate, stay away from them and do not write articles for them.

Is iWriter for you?

In this article I have gave both the pros and cons of iWriter. These are my personal opinions, and your thoughts may be different. I realize that no freelance writing site is perfect and they all have their flaws. iWriter is certainly not the worst freelance writing site out there. I have seen some much worse. The gripes I put on this article are just my opinions. Likewise, the good things I put on here are things I feel are great about the company. If you have not ever visited iWriter, I invite you to check them out here and see what you think. If you are someone who has never done any freelance writing before, it is the perfect place for you to learn what freelance writing is all about.