ZAGGmate iPad caseMade from the military aircraft aluminium the cover for the iPad has a built in wireless keyboard, it has won awards for its innovative design. Whichever iPad you have, version one or the iPad 2 there is a ZAGGmate for it. So useful that you will wonder what you did without the ZAGGmate.

The bead blasted case, the same finish as the iPad, on the high grade aluminium is as tough as old boots. Your iPad will be nicely protected as well as looking great in the case.

The Amazing iPad2 ZAGGmate case with bluetooth enabled keyboard

There are times when you want quiet typing and the onscreen keyboard is spot on when you can’t have the clicks of a real keyboard. There is more speed available with an external iPad keyboard though. Without the bluetooth keyboard included you and get the case for only $49 instead of $99. The amazing iPad benefits from having a sturdy case like this to protect it well.

The hinge of the case gives a number of different angles that you can place your iPad for the best viewing experience. The ZAGGmate for both of the versions, either iPad one or Two is a good size and nicely flat. Good for soft surfaces like on the lap or on top of a cushion. This iPad ZAGGmate case will allow you do use the iPad for business more easily.

Charge the ZAGGmate keyboard with its own micro USB cable which is supplied. A 510 mAh lithium polymer battery only has to be charged once in a while. Only after several weeks of usage will you need to plug it in. The Apple iPad2 has the Logitech Keyboard case by ZAGG designed especially for it. Get the right iPad case for the version of the iPad that you own.

Pairing up the keyboard is really easy and necessary just once. So that you don’t have a keyboard controlling more than one iPad it is only possible to pair with one iPad.

ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

ZAGGmate iPad case(48226)Credit: ZaggmateThe keyboard on the ZAGGmate has an extra row of keys

Easily do some of the basic functions with that extra set of keys. There is a toggle switch key to move the onscreen keyboard if you need to, a slideshow key, a home button and sound keys. For looking after the iPad you own the iPad ZAGGmate cover is a nice addition and you will be happy with the extra work you can do with the wireless keyboard. You get a bluetooth keyboard, a cover and a stand all together, isn’t that just great?

You can still add a screen protector to the iPad if you want to. It is a recommended thing to do even if you have a case like this. I don't know how a gel skin will work with the ZAGGmate case. It would be best to try if you have one already or send an email to Zagg to ask for details, if you haven't.

How to pair up the ZAGGmate keyboard