The Mortal Instrument Series Book One begins with the City of Bones. This is a children’s book for the twenty-first century. Set in an urban atmosphere it is full of fantasy and science fiction that outlines a bright light in a dark place of New York City.

Children’s books have evolved and changed with the times. This particular one is originally written for young minds. It is able to fill them with a very shadowy place where vampires, demons, werewolves and an enormous amount of vile dark supernatural creatures exist in New York City.

Plot and Story Line

The main character of the City of Bones, the first in a three-part series, is a 15-year-old unaware this sinister world exists and thrives in the same city where she lives. After she appears at the Pandemonium Club, her eyes are open to something new and exciting. Clary Fray has also discovered something that is also terrifying at the same time and she never saw coming.

Shadowhunters survive to pursue and eliminate a demon. Their main aim is to return the demon to a dimension where it belongs. Although they refer to Clary as a “mundane” which is their term for anyone outside of their circle or human she becomes part of their world. Her entry into the battle was not her choice.

Clary discovers she is part of a tussle when her mother a very powerful Shadowhunter takes her mom in an evil plan to retrieve a talisman. This talisman is a mortal cup which will make a pure race of Shadowhunters with the ability to conquer the extremely delicate peace between all supernatural creatures living in New York City.

Shadowhunters team up with Clary to recover the cup and her mother before any damage is actually done. The goal is preventing a war from destroying the delicate balance that now exists in this underground universe.

What to like about it

The dialogue is extremely witty. This is not the usual blood and guts with a few killings thrown in for good measure. Action, romance and adventure keep readers engaged. Characters are extremely well-developed and easy to identify with. Along with great dialogue, the writer has included detailed action scenes which are full of action.

The main characters are vampires, werewolves, demons and other supernatural creatures. These are very popular at this time in books and movies which is an added plus. Adding the Shadowhunters and warlocks are part of the scene only enhances it and separates it from other books and movies in the same vein.

Great books, especially those you make into a series, need excellent character development. Suspense and a plot which compels you to want more from the author is a key to success. The work will be with a reader for a while and if they hate or enjoy them. Evoking emotions which make them become dedicated to future works in the same vein usually takes place and you have built a following or an audience. If you capture these you are on your way to a successful turn in your writing career for years to come.

What not to like about it

Kids without an interest in urban fantasy will definitely turn away. When writing about fantasy, details are important. This means paying attention to all the small things in the text along with the major connections taking place. Anyone that doesn’t like delving deep into a book and enjoys simply skimming and getting to the height of the story ASAP will not enjoy the reading.

There are some small references to one characters homosexuality which is new ground and some readers may feel uncomfortable with this part of the story.


The author is Cassandra Clarke and it was originally published in 2007. The almost 500 page book is published through Margaret K. McElderry and recommended for high school students.

It is available in hardback, paperback, audio, CD, EBook and EAudio. Any way you want to read it, you certainly can find it. Now you will even a choice of viewing a director’s vision of her words on the big screen in the form of a major motion picture.

In conclusion

As it should, this book will give a cliffhanger at the end which makes you want more. The reader will be wanting more in this case of the other work she has fashioned in this sequence of adventures. A movie around the work has feedback and reviews all terrific for putting the writer’s thoughts on the big screen.

Cassandra Clarke has taken her talent and created a wonderful world full of characters that stand out. They have been given depth and maturity in how their creation which makes readers commit to caring about them. Although the series directs the content at a teen audience for urban fantasy, it will definitely appeal to adults.

this is a wonderful fantasy book full of action and romance

This is a terrific book full of action and romance