The KAOSSILATOR PRO is an enhanced, highly upgraded version of the original much smaller Korg KAOSSILATOR. It has been redesigned and crafted into an awesome device for making musical tracks. The PRO is also a great gadget for DJs and other live performance applications. The original KAOSSILATOR was an innovative and pioneering device in the ream of "gadget music". This is because of the relative ease at which almost anyone could create and string together loops and tracks to make their own musical compositions.

Korg Kaossilator Pro

The KAOSSILATOR is still a humongous success and people are still using it to create awesome tracks. While the KAOSSILATOR PRO possesses all that made the original KAOSSILATOR such an excellent music creation tool, there are a great deal of new updated features that add the the awesomeness that is the KAOSSILATOR experience. It has 200 sound programs, an all-new gate arpeggiator that is sinspired by Electribe, as well as 4 banks for recording loops that are capable of capturing external audio sources. It is loaded with tons of features that are great for both studio quality recording and live applications like DJing.

The KAOSSILATOR PROP also features the option of USB connection with your PC as well as SD memory card storage capabilities. All of these features mean that the KAOSSILATOR PRO is an excellent professional music creation and production device. The touchpad interface is very easy to use and you need only to slide your finger across its surface, tap it quickly, or use a stroking motion to get instantaneously created musical phrases using only one fingertip. The KAOSSILATOR PRO responds instantly to these finger movements to create quick changes that were impossible to perform using older production methods, instruments, and equipment. Moving your finger horizontally across the touch pad adjusts the pitch and sliding your fingertip vertically on the pad affects the tone algorithms like: feedback,modulation, pitch, and cutoff.

Because of these extremely intuitive touchpad interface controls it is a breeze for virtually any person to make completely new musical pieces and sounds from scratch. It is readily apparent that Korg's legendary prowess with producing excellent musical gadgetry was utilized when creating this awesome professional musical device called the KAOSSILATOR PRO. With a plethora of professional quality sounds like: synths, instruments, effects, and percussion sounds quite literally at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. The included sounds are appropriate for practically every genre of electric and dance music. A great number of acoustic instruments are also available to enhance your options for musical creativity and flexibility.

The ability to have eight separate instantly recalled programs assigned to the buttons makes for tight a performance when playing live. The most import element during phrase creation is most often the rhythm. Not only does the KAOSSILATOR PRO possess the modeling synthesizer technology of the original KAOSSILATOR, but there is also an all-new PCM sound generator that is capable of providing added realism to the percussion instruments' sounds.

With twenty different 1 shot sounds available and twenty-five patterns for rhythm loops, there are plenty of options for brainstorming and creating that perfect rhythm to build your musical creations on. Thanks to the built-in microphone inputs and 15 vocoder options it is quite simple to create all original sounds and voices for your musical creations. The 31 different kinds span a range from chromatic scales to major, minor, blues, and a virtual infinity of others. When you choose the specific scale and key it becomes possible to play beautiful melodies and phrases that would be hard to perform even with a traditional keyboard synthesizer.

Another feature that greatly enhances creative possibilities is the all-new Note Range function. This new function allows you to set the pitch ranges that are accessible from the touch pad. It can to set from one octave up to a total of eight octaves. The all-new Gate Arpeggiator, which was greatly influence by the EMX-1 and ESX-1 Electribes, gives you the ability to create a pattern of sounds that always match the tempo. This allows for the creation of some of the most mind blowing musical phrases. The KAOSSILATOR PRO also has a slider that is capable of controlling the gate time or speed. This allows for even more complicated musical phrases to be created. You have the option of either manual adjustment of the music tempo or you can make adjustments on the fly by utilizing the Tap Tempo option. When recording loops you have the option of setting it up to four measures and sixteen beats. You can also store your musical performance in one of the Loop Recorder Banks.

Overdubbing allows for some awesome sounding loop phrases. There are a total of four Loop Recording Banks. By combining these banks your have access to a near infinity musical performance and creation options. Another great feature of the four loop bank is that they can store infinite overdubs. It is also possible to: mute and unmute each bank, adjust their volumes, and adjust the length of their loops. This allows virtually anyone to easily perform a live musical show. You can even erase and re-record on the fly without the need to interrupt your performance. Thanks to the built-in microphone and line inputs, loops can be created using other instruments and vocals.

This makes it quite easy to add external audio to enhance your musical creations. There are also standard MIDI IN/OUT connector jacks as well as a USB connector for PC interface options such backing up loops or dropping them into other musical programs. The KAOSSILATOR PRO is also capable of be utilized as a midi control device for driving your music creation software. There is also an SD Card slot that can be utilized to back up your loop data as well as your personal settings and program memories. You can also save your favorite phrases in order to create a collection of loops that can be used for later musical inspiration. The SD Card storage also gives you the capability of performing the same show using the same collection of loops. There is also the option of swapping loops with other KAOSSILATOR PRO enthusiasts or sharing your data between multiple units, bridging them together for a more massive sounding performance.