Can save your life during a vehicle emergancy

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We all hear on the news from time to time about a tragic traffic accident that involves fatalities which could have been helped if the victims could have evacuated the vehicle in time. Cell phone technology and such systems like GM's Onstar can be effective tools when dealing with an emergency situation involving you or your family trapped in a vehicle however help may be too far away and action may be needed sooner in order to remain safe.

The LifeHammer Emergency Hammer is a simple yet effective tool that all vehicles should have inside. If a vehicle is submerged in water, it can be nearly impossible to open the vehicles doors do to the immense pressure preventing you from doing so. This is when it may be necessary to break one of the glass windows in order to escape.

Besides this unit being an emergency hammer, it also has a seatbelt cutting tool built into its design to allow you or your passenger to cut free of a jammed or entangled seatbelt. Being held into place by a broken seat belt can be extremely frightening to all people involved, especially if the vehicle is on fire or in danger of being struck by oncoming traffic.

One of the other great features of the LifeHammer Emergency Hammer is the glow in the dark button in order to enable someone in need to locate this life saving device easier in an emergency situation. You can also use the optional mounting bracket to safely secure the the LifeHammer Emergency Hammer in place, inside your vehicles console for safe keeping and easy access.

For less than $15 dollars there is no reason not to buy a piece of real security for you and your family while traveling in a vehicle. While we shudder to think of anyone being involved in a potentially life threatening car accident, you can be confident in the fact that if an accident does occur, you will have the tools readily available to get out of the situation quickly and safely.

In Closing

Besides owning products such as these, you may want to consider purchasing a relatively cheap 911 only cell phone for each of your vehicles. There aren't any monthly service contracts for these types of phones as emergency calls are free. Some of the widely available roadside emergency kits are a great addition to the safety arsenal as well and contain a wide range of emergency tools to help you out in a time of need.