The Microvision ShowWX Laser PicoP Projector is a great product for people who love new gadgets, anyone who travels, and anyone who gives presentations but can't be weighed down with a lot of cumbersome equipment. Although it works well and manages a four and a half stars out of five customer rating, it isn't a product that is going to have wide appeal. With a list price of almost $600 and a sales price closer to $450, this will be out of the budget of many casual users. If you do have a need for this kind of device, however, you probably won't be disappointed.

microvision showwx picop projector

The Microvision PicoP projector hooks up to a number of devices including your laptop, iPod, iPhone, and digital camera and uses a laser to project images from these devices onto a surface. It can stream
movies or be used to display photos or a presentation.


One of the best things about the PicoP is how rich the colors are. The color saturation impresses almost everyone who uses it. It uses a green, blue, and red laser. Many other devices don't use pure red so they will seem orange in comparison to this one. The blacks are true black rather than gray since this projector shuts off the beams for black. You can really appreciate this if you are in a dark room.

Another good feature of the Microvision PicoP is that it is lightweight. This is important because it really is meant for traveling. Its dimensions in inches are 4.6 by 2.4 by 0.6 and it weighs just one pound. It really does fit in your pocket, so it is a good fit for anyone who can't lug any more equipment around.

The Microvision ShowWX has infinite focus. You'll never have to adjust it because it will always be in focus. While a flat and matte surface works the best, the picture can be projected on any surface, including uneven ones. The screen size increases as the distance does. So if you are eight feet away you can get a picture as large as a 96 inch screen.


The main con is that at its current price range, many people won't be able to justify its cost. If you love technology and can see a continued need for it, it is worth the $400-$500 that you will need to spend.

If you need to project on high glossy surfaces, this isn't the gadget for you. While the Microvision ShowWX will project on anything, its picture quality will suffer on a glossy surface. If you can use a matte surface instead of a glossy one, this won't be a problem for you.


So who should buy the Mircrovision ShowWX PicoP projector? Well, it is good for travel, so people who are always on the road will appreciate it. If you give a lot of small group presentations you will find it quite handy since it hooks up directly to your laptop. You'll be able to use it to display whatever slideshow, graphs, or videos that you need.

This isn't going to take the place of a 60" HDTV, but it is better than many of the smaller or lower end television models. It is available from many electronics retailers, including Amazon.