Nettalk TK6000 VOIP


  • Direct connection to router which lowers power consumption significantly.
  • Call quality and volume is terrific
  • Free long distance and international calling to Canada.
  • Completely mobile, bring my home phone with me anywhere I travel that has internet and talk for free.
  • Attractive device, no obnoxious glowing lights. Very discreet!


  • Had some initial problems from the Nettalk side at the beginning, these are all taken care of.
  • Device runs a bit warm, internal chipset does not have ventilation
  • Nothing else, highly recommended!

Full Review

I have been using the Nettalk TK6000 for a little over a year now with great success. Although the TK6000 has now been replaced by the Nettalk DUO, I am writing this article about the TK6000 as it is the device that I own. Initially I had some varying issues with connection problems, but the great folks over at Nettalk resolved it over a few months. The TK6000 VOIP device works by either of two means, you are able to connect it directly to your router, or via USB cable and run it through a computer. The ability to connect the TK6000 directly to a router is a huge benefit over some competitiors such as the MagicJack that require that their device be connected to a computer that is powered on at all times for the phone line to work.

As for call quality, I have simply been amazed at how well the voice quality and volume over the TK6000 has been. I initially started by running the TK6000 over a 3Mbps DSL connection and it worked well with only a few hiccups when network traffic was very high. My current configuration is using a Comcast 20 Mbps service with a Netgear WNDR3300 router (running DD-WRT Eko build firmware), and using a 4 handset DECT 6.0 wireless phone system from AT&T. With this current combination of hardware I have a great phone system that I will never have to pay a monthly bill for.

It is important before purchasing a Nettalk Device that you check in their forums as there are some routers that are not fully compatible with their device. I was able to insure stability for the phone line by placing it in the DMZ on my router with Port Forwarding enabled, and by setting my router to reboot everyday at 5 A.M.

The beauty of the Nettalk TK6000 is that during it's lifespan it was sold under the contract of lifetime free unlimited calling, so as long as my TK6000 does not fail I will be able to make calls from anywhere in the world all over the United States and Canada for free.

In Closing

The latest Nettalk device that is sold is the Nettalk DUO, this device is sold initially for 69.95 including the first year service and $29.95/yr each year thereafter. Given the success of the TK6000 and the newer design and features of the Nettalk DUO I actually find that to be an extremely good deal. MagicJack is lower by $10 a year, but you probably would make that cost up by the electricity used from the computer powering the magicjack.