Visit the New York Palace hotel, you'll love it!

new york palace hotel

I have read many reviews about hotels in NYC and I was scared off  by some of the horror stories. The New York Palace hotel from my experience is a wonderful hotel overall and here's why!

1.Great location
2.Good price
3.Excellent room
4.Friendly staff
The New York Palace hotel at 455 Madison Ave at 50th St. Basically a few minutes by walk to the busier and very popular 5th ave. I found some restaurants really nearby i.e. Chipotle Mexican Grill, McDonald's, and Il Corso.
The one place missing in the vicinity is a pharmacy to pick up some goodies or essentials.

The good part about not being right at the busiest streets  from 2nd Ave to 8th Ave is the noise. The hustle and bustle of traffic, people, lights and sounds in a city that doesn't sleep is not something you want to hear as you are hitting your bed in your hotel room at 4 am.
2. The hotel is a 4+ star rated hotel and the room we stayed in was the deluxe guest room. The price was affordable relative to others in its class and may vary at different times in the year. We bought our room about a week in advance. It's said that buying way in advance or at the last moment are the best times. However, buying at the last moment won't be easy if you and your companion(s)  have to schedule time off work giving them short notice or have to arrange babysitting.

Buying a room months in advance is not a good idea either because you are relying on fortune to bring you good weather. Terrible weather is not worth a discount price! Two weeks in advance is my approach when it comes to hotel and flight booking unless it's a place where the weather seldom changes i.e. California,Arizona, or Hawaii etc

I choose two weeks in advance  specifically because we can get the long-range forecast.
There is trip insurance but this costs extra and requires you to revise your whole plan if the weather is poor, and this  is a pain I wish to avoid!
3. Friendly staff. When we first checked the staff member he was neutral  & pretty expressionless, neither friendly or unfriendly.
The more staff members I ran gave me  a better picture of the character of the workers. Most of the staff greeted us as we entered and left the New York Palace hotel. I was pretty satisfied with their hospitality.
4. Excellent room. Before heading to the room we were given a key. Not a white electronic key that you get at most hotels but instead an object that looks like a key with deep groves in its sides. I was a little concerned whether the room would be too old-fashioned or just plain old-looking. Since the lock uses an old key what will the room look like inside?

To my amazement the room was big, clean and well equipped with far more than the basic amenities. This room far exceeded my expectations and is the second best hotel room I've ever been in. The first was a modern looking suite in Maui overlooking the ocean.

1. Large-sized room. Easily could have fit two double beds and had room to spare
2. Clean room. No sign of mess left from past guests. Housekeeping kept the room looking great and even left chocolates on the bed for us each night. The one thing they forgot was returning our washroom garbage bin on the last night.
3.Very comfortable bed. My wife said a couple of times how she wanted a bed like this for our own house.                                                                                                                                                                                            4. Plenty of amenities. Out of all the hotels that I have been to the New York Palace had practically everything a room could have.

Here is a quick list
1. Slippers for the two of us
2. Mini fridge
3. Cable tv with all the specialty channels
4. Portable bench in the washroom
5. Phone in the washroom
6. Bath robes
7. Ear plugs

The two things I could complain about is the longer wait times for an elevator and the line up at the concierge in the morning.  It's a big hotel and a lot of guests so if you have questions for the concierge ask at off-peak hours i.e. not first thing in the morning. I found both of these things to be very minor annoyances, but I want to give you my full perspective.

I would highly recommend the New York Palace hotel to anyone who wants an awesome place to stay in NYC.

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