The Norelco Cool Skin Shaver's extremely futuristic design not only looks cool but it also goes a long way to providing a close and comfortable shave without being abrasive to your skin. In fact, the Norelco Cool Skin Moisturizing Shaving system actually helps you to maintain healthy looking skin while giving you a shave that has extreme closeness and a silky smooth feel. This electric razor has amazing versatility as it is capable of performing effectively whether the conditions are wet or dry. Because of its versatile nature, this electric shaver can be used either in the shower or outside of thne shower. You can also shave with it at the sink with or without water.

Norelco cool skin shaving system

While this electric razor is capable of shaving in either wet or dry scenarios it performs best in wet conditions as it helps with the moisturizing function of this electric razor. While shaving with the Norelco Cool Skin Shaving System, the high-tech Flex Tracker blades work with the herbs and vitamins contained in the moisturizing cream to provide a soothing shaving experience. The Nivea moisturizer contains skin soothing botanical ingredients and is enriched with vitamins that help you to maintain healthy looking skin with every single shave.

While a wide variety of Norelco Cool Skin Shaving System electric shavers available for you to choose from, this review is specifically about the Norelco HS8420 Nivea for Men Shaver. Due to its versatility, ease of use as well as its wide variety of performance enhancing features, and extremely affordable price point the Norelco HS8240 electric shaver is the most popular model in the Norelco Cool Skin line of electric shavers. Made to shave while following all of the contours of your face, this shaving system allows you to easily get to places that other electric razors often miss completely or fail to adequately shave closely.

Not only is this electric shaver capable of covering those hard to reach places but it also provides your whole face with a close shave that leaves it feeling soothed. This soothing sensation is made possible by the moisturizing cream that is dispensed from within the shaver head. This allows the cream to coat your skin as you are shaving, for a cool and sleek shaving experience. Contained within the Nivea skin conditioner is something called Natural Microtec that works to aid in moisturizing and protecting your face while you are shaving and soothing your skin afterward.

It is this innovative melding of superior blade technology and a soothing skin cream that allows for such an amazingly close and comfortable shave with every single use of this Norelco Cool Skin electric shaving system. Dispensing the Nivea skin cream is a easy as pushing the dispenser button on the electric shaver. Since the Nivea moisturizing solution is manually dispensed, you are in complete control of how much you use with each shave. This also gives you the option of deciding whether you even want to use it at all. It also helps you to keep costs down by giving you the ability to ration your moisturizer usage between refills. Similar to shaving with a straight razor, you wet your face before you begin shaving with the Norelco Cool Skin shaving system, either at the sink or in the shower. You push the dispense button for the solution whenever you think there is a need for more of the Nivea cream.

If you want the Nivea cream to last longer between refills, then you can also use a gel based shaving cream when you are shaving. Then you can go back over your face lightly afterward using a smaller amount of the Nivea shaving solution. Just make certain to clean your shaver heads in water frequently while you shave in order to keep the shaving cream from clogging up the heads. This method works great and helps you to keep costs down and avoid spending far too much on the expensive refills. Doing this will not only help you to save money in the long run but it is also a great way to enhance your overall shaving experience.

Remember to use only moderate pressure when using the Norelco Cool Skin Shaving system. Applying too much pressure can lead to chaffing and irritated skin. You only need to apply a modest amount of pressure when shaving and it helps a great deal to keep your face and the shaver moist as well. This electric shaver was designed to require only the slightest and lightest of touches in order to provide a quick and easy pain free shave.

It is also imperative that you clean your Norelco Cool Skin electric shaver with each use. This is help to prevent the holes of the lotion dispenser from getting a clog. This is a simple bit of maintenance that can be done after you are finished shaving each time. You need only to simply place the unit under some running hot water while it is switched on. This will allow the shaver heads to remain unclogged and functioning properly. You needn't worry about ruining your electric razor by doing this because this model is designed to be waterproof. This is why it is also completely safe to use it while you are in the shower. It is designed to be gotten wet. In fact it works best as a wet razor as opposed to shaving with it dry.

The current model of the Norelco Cool Skin shaver possesses a few upgrades from the older versions that were released. For those of you who are on a budget and looking to spend a little less money then it might be a good idea to consider purchasing an older version of the Norelco Cool Skin electric shaver. This strategy works out quite well because the new features are great, but ultimately the electric razor still basically has the same design. You will still be pleased by the shaving experience that is provided even by last year's model. I mean let's face it, it is still an electric razor that you can use in the shower. So it is still basically the same product for less money. Ultimately, regardless of which model you choose, the Norelco Cool Skin Shaving system provides you with an excellent shaving experience that is both reliable and soothing.