Thesis: The Best Theme for WordPress

Thesis, by DIYThemes, is a great theme that allows a large number of configuration options for WordPress web sites. WordPress itself has a large number of options as well. Thesis gives web managers ways to customize all web pages with a consistent look and feel.

Most web hosting companies now offer free WordPress use to their customers. WordPress is a free blog management package that was developed by hundreds of volunteers. It is Open Source which means that anyone can use it, make modifications and generate revenue for free. There are no royalties or purchase costs for personal, educational or commercial use. Thesis Option ScreenCredit: JavrsmithA site can be built in WordPress in minutes. Unfortunately, sites built with standard WordPress are fairly plain and difficult to customize. Most web managers prefer to implement a Theme for WordPress. Although there are thousands of themes available, with various costs, the best is Thesis.

Notice: As of March 2012, the next version 2.0 of Thesis is getting ready for release. This is the big one that includes extensive CSS customization, better menu support, native support for all WordPress 3.0+ features, and a lot more. There have been rumors of a price increase. No one knows for sure, but it could easily be true. Thesis ships with a ton of features that need to be financed somehow. Since existing users get the new version for free, (forever), that only leaves the new purchasers as a Thesis revenue stream. Luckily, if you buy Thesis now, you get it at the current price which is guaranteed to be the lowest you will see for this amazing WordPress theme.

The Thesis theme gives web managers a robust set of WordPress tools for optimizing search engine traffic. Like other themes, Thesis installs on an existing WordPress platform. Web managers instantly have more control over their pages of content than ever before. Option panels allow modification of tasks that previously required coding. With it, customization is possible with little knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP. Almost 30,000 people have installed the Thesis theme. At a cost of $87, it is quite a bargain. Even with no knowledge of search engine optimization, (SEO), web managers get a fast loading site with Thesis that is well regarded by Google, Yahoo and other search engine robots. With some attention to the popular SEO techniques, top ranking sites can be generated by Thesis with ease. It is quite powerful with respect to the navigational menus. After pages are created with appropriate content, they can be linked by a drop down menu system right away with no programming at all. Menus can be vertical or horizontal. Your favorite external links can also be added to your menus. By specifying user defined categories on pages, they can be added to the menus dynamically, again with no programming. It only takes minutes to set up a sleek, professional looking navigational system for your site.

I began my web site by registering the domain name and choosing a hosting provider. The control panel for the site already had WordPress available. It was very simple to activate it for my domain. I then purchased the Thesis theme and installed that. A few moments later, I was able to access the standard WordPress administration system and begin to load my site. In many ways, the dashboard appears to be standard WordPress. The menu provides options for WordPress dashboard, posts, media, links, pages and comments. Next, however, the Thesis site options provides access to powerful settings. Without any programming or manual editing, Thesis allows tags, meta data and scripts to be customized. Thesis provides customization at any level desired by the web manager. For example, an individual blog post can have special meta tags applied, as can a page or the whole site. Colors of text, backgrounds and links can be specified for content, menu, headers and more. You also get layout options for the whole site. Best of all, these are all dynamic so it is possible to alter something and immediately see the effect. For those web managers interested in custom programming, the Thesis theme extends the programmatic controls available with WordPress. Many hooks are available that allow custom scripts to be executed for particular web actions such as HTML header display. Thesis offers easy access to custom source files via the dashboard. Modifications to these files are designed to be stable in the event the web site is upgraded to newer Thesis versions.

Web blog control is unmatched. In addition to the standard WordPress facilities, Thesis gives managers complete control of posts. Comments by users can be selectively enabled as can images. Posts are organized by date and user-defined categories. It is easy to display a short teaser version of posts which automatically expand when clicked on by viewers. Thesis is compatible with popular plug-ins that add extra value to the web site experience for viewers. There are literally thousands of specialized plug-ins for WordPress so it is very important that they can function with Thesis.

For the $87 cost, Thesis is an amazing value that lets web managers quickly install a modern, functional site. They are freed from mundane tasks in favor of loading content that is optimized for search engines. The amount of time saved by those using Thesis is likely to be hundreds of hours. The time savings don't stop with the Thesis theme, however. A robust user community is available to Thesis users that contains thousands of informative tips, answers to questions and general advice on both SEO and Thesis. While there are announcements from the Thesis developers, the real power is with the official and community support topics. Thesis developers answer questions, both trivial and advanced, about the theme. Other users, (and often Thesis developers), answer questions about WordPress, SEO, SERP, HTML, PHP, CSS and much more. My questions to the forum have never taken more than a couple of hours to receive a quality answer. Registered users are granted free access to all future Thesis upgrades. Thesis is currently at version 1.8 as of August 2010. A new version 2.0 is coming out soon. All of the new versions come with an automatic script that migrates existing web sites to the new version.

Those wishing to use Thesis on multiple web sites will be interested in the developer option. It is also a great value and includes access to an internal support area for early releases of new versions. There is even a license facility that supports the implementation of Thesis on any sites that your clients might have. An active affiliate program lets registered web managers display Thesis sale links on their site. It's a great way to show your support for the Thesis theme that gives you a chance to earn your original purchase price of Thesis. The Thesis theme is highly recommended for virtually any kind of web site that you may contemplate.