Second Hand

A good nurses watch must have a moving second hand that is easy to see both the second hand and the second markings on the watch. It is almost impossible to take a pulse reading on any watch that doesn’t have a seconds hand or second markings that are easy to see. The Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch has both a second hand and easy to read second markings, so the Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch passes in that feature.


A nurse watch needs to have the date feature. Any practicing nurse knows that a nurse needs to know the date to fill out a nurse’s charting. The Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch has the date feature, so it passes that test too.

Easy To See In Low Light

The watch face plate should be light in color and it is even better if the watch has a night light built in. The Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch has this.

Water Resistant

The watch needs to be able to withstand getting fluids on it. It is desirable is that the nurse watch is either water proof or water resistant. A nurse is going to be washing their hands several time during the shift. There is a chance that the nurse will be exposed to other fluids so being water proof or resistant in a big plus. The Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch has this feature.

Easily Cleanable

The watch needs to be easily cleaned on a daily basis. There is no telling what the watch could be exposed to, so the nurse will want to keep it hygienic. Some materials are not going to be easy to clean . If the watch has lots of hard to reach areas or crevices due to the design, this could make it hard to keep the watch cleaned and hygienic. Stay away from any complicated buckles, fasteners and clasps as these are difficult to clean properly and can end up being places for germs to hide. The Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch doesn’t seen to have any problems in this area.


This watch could end up being your everyday watch, but in general you don’t want to spend too much on a watch that is really just a tool for work. On the other hand, since it is a much needed tool, don’t go too cheap and end up wasting money. The price range forTimex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Strap Nurses Watch isn’t a bad investment.

Some reviews from Amazon customers:

"I had to get a white watch with a second hand for nursing classes. This one is perfect plus it has the Indiglo feature for low light situations. Water proof enough to withstand thousands of hand washings."

"I bought this watch because I thought I lost my expensive Croton watch and needed a quick cheap replacement since I work as an RN and needed it for work. Well, I love this watch since I have a small wrist and it fits well, and has the Indiglo feature which is helpful since I work nightshift. It is affordable and accurate and it works well for me especially with the super saver shipping."

"I don't wear watches much except to work, and as a nurse I use it lots. When the date on my last watch broke I was forced to find a new one. I searched all over for a watch with a small face, white band, and date. I love the look of this watch and the ability to light up the face, and it shipped very quickly. When I got it, I noticed that it said "genuine leather upper" on the band. I'm no watch expert but I think that means that only the upper part of the band is actually leather, so I was a little worried about it lasting as long as my last watch (which said "genuine leather"), but the price was great so I figured it would be ok.
What I like is that it is easy to set, easy to read and nice looking. What I don't like is that the face is a little deep, and the wrist strap is extremely long. I have small wrists and the extra strap goes all the way around and almost touches the face on the other side.
Since I have been wearing it, I have noticed that the sliding part that is supposed to keep the extra band down is already seeming to stretch out and doesn't really stay put. Also, if I work 3 or 4 days in a row my wrist gets a little red and itchy. Since most of my problems are with the band I am considering getting a new one, but so far it has not bothered me enough for me to actually go through with it."